Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A poem

This is a poem that isn't in the chapbook, it was taken by a magazine that promptly folded so I don't know what to do with it.

passing women

we pass women in the streets
we may compare them to broken leaves
if we will, or sheets that carpet a bed’s morning
with seeded sorrow -
we may compare them to tomorrows
no one bothered to remember
until they were dismembered as yesterdays -
or to a potency poisoned
by billboards and posters
posing beauty in their immaculate attentions -
or to a potential poetry they themselves never noticed.

we can compare them to anything, really,
except their conscious beings, their selves’
most private intentions –
these evade the most patient re-collection

A second review

Ceris was just kind enough to post this review of me too: Its at MySpace here

Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Review : David Mclean
Category: Writing and Poetry
a hunger for mourning by David McLean

A review

David McLean is no slouch when it comes to putting words onto the page - if you've witnessed his prodigious output on his myspace page it will come as no surprise that the 40 or so poems in a hunger for mourning were all written within the space of two or three weeks.

So don't buy this book if you're looking for polished gems cut and honed to perfection, what you get here is not so much a collection as a slice of the life of the muse of David McLean - and what a powerful muse it is! It's a worm of the dragon kind, though he keeps his wings folded, compulsively snouting through the undergrowth and the detritus layers of the soil looking for bitter roots to chew and bones to blacken, and just occasionally looking up with a curiously boy-like twinkle in his eyes. So relentless is this beast that sometimes the poet seems to tire of the effort of controlling it - here and there a poem tapers off or succumbs to flippancy, and some words become repetitive and rob his vision of some of it's potency - but mostly he maintains a determinedly persistent course. (You may need a dictionary for some of his words, by the way, I did!)

His themes are consistent, his humour dry and his vision dark, and poems often seem to morph one into the other. It might all become too familiar if it were not for the poet's able wordcraft and that incredibly strong sense of his muse writhing it's way through it all.

There is some fine poetry here, but I have no doubt the poet would be stunned if anyone were to make too many claims for what is, after all, just the poems that he happened to write in those particular two or three weeks in a year of apparently non-stop writing. What excites most is the prospect of meeting that muse again six months down the line, I have no doubt I will recognise it - or will I?

The real reason you should get yourself a copy of a hunger for mourning is not to pick out any one treasure, but to marvel at the living entity that is the ongoing poetic progeny of David McLean

a hunger for mourning by David McLean is available from

A New Review

Misti Rainwater Lites is having her baby now, but posted a new review of me. (She prioritized right.) Buy the book at Lulu. Here's the review:

"I'm in labor as I write this review, which shows how much I love David McLean's poetry. David's poems philosophize with spits and snarls. The poems are well-crafted without being bone dry and boring. In short, David's poetry contains meaty, juicy lines, lines you can sink your teeth into. Although A Hunger For Mourning is available as a download, I recommend buying an actual copy of the book so you will have something tangible and solid in your hands that you can return to again and again. And David needs money for Swedish beer. It isn't as cheap as you might think."

Unlikely Stories

There's three poems by me now at Unlikely Stories. Actually OK poems I believe.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Book for sale in Sweden

My chapbook "a hunger for mourning" can now be ordered from Bokbörsen by searching for David McLean or "a hunger for mourning." It's 70 crowns plus postage, payable to my bank account.

People outside Sweden can still order from Lulu of course, and anybody, a swell as buying it in print for $10, (@ 70 SEK) can get it there for only $1.25 (about 10 SEK) as a download.

Lost Beat Poetry

A poem by me just posted at Lost Beat Poetry called carcass

I think Ron Cervero would like more submissions to LBP. His succinct guidelines follow:

Here at Lost Beat Poetry we value your work. It can be dark, funny, anything! Non rhyming preferred. The only guidelines are: Paste your poems in the body of the email. Please paste the poems & Bio if desired with the poem titles in the subject line. Just send your best stuff... We want to see what you got! Please send up to 3 poems. Email submissions only to:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dance to Death

Issue VII of D2D includes a poem by me...

The poems in my chapbook are better and are at Lulu

Additionally, Carthage should be destroyed and my chapbook purchased or downloaded.

Poetic Legacy

I have a new poem "goodbye Anne Sexton" posted at Michael Lee Johnson's Webzine Poetic Legacy

Just wrote it a day and a half ago so I'm pleased.

Just to remind the reader that "a hunger for mourning" is available at Lulu for $1.25 a download or $10 print

Saturday, October 27, 2007


TELEGRAF is out and i have two poems in the first issue. The link opens a pdf by the way, in case you don't like Adobe.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Target Audience Magazine

Target Audience Magazine just accepted a poem for the Winter issue.

Don't forget to download or order a print edition of my chapbook at

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Indite Circle

New poems by me posted at Indite Circle

Poems at Literary Chaos

Three new poems were just posted at Lit Chaos. dawn's roses, fragments, and of psychiatry. Clicking the title above works as a link to the three poems. Here's a link to Lulu to buy the chapbook.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

a sample poem

To whet the reader's appetite, i hope, here's one poem from the thing.


half past six is almost night
and the gone dead sun shines
nothing on us, i welcome cold like
a cloak smoking on the balcony
in shorts, and i hope that the sun
that loves us comes again tomorrow
and i hope that in every passionate
flat in every house i see before me
everybody over sixteen gets to fuck
at least twice tonight with someone
they will love for the rest of their life
and i hope that time will be kind
to them and they kind to

a hunger for mourning

Erbacce press has been kind enough to let me do a chapbook with them, "a hunger for mourning" - it's available at Lulu or it can be ordered from erbacce.

It contains 52 poems, 40 pages, and costs only $1.25 to download, though print is $10.00.

There's more information at MySpace

It's about love, orgasm, death, and the Nothing that haunts us. God receives copious faecal facials.

Misti Rainwater Lites and Rob Plath have written blurbs on the back cover. If they like it so should you, maybe, maybe I should too.