Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poetry Cemetery - a reassuring resurrection

Poetry Cemetery shut its gates recently, but Morrissey and Pantera hung around there disconsolately, like Barney lamenting outside the Duff brewery when it closed, but not singing so nicely, so they had a reassuring resurrection even quicker than Jebus. In the January 2009 issue they will have three poems by me. For now they are here. There are things by me in their archives among the links. The links below here to the left.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mung Being

Very pleased to have had five things taken by the excellent Mung Being. They have a whole load of issuses at their website here that are well worth checking out. In the current issue there are a host of names, including the devout Catholic Pablo Vision. I therefore submitted a bunch of devotional poems arranged loosely under the slogan Pablo for Pope!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shoots & Vines day 3

Very pleased to say that two more poems are up at Shoots & Vines, thus completing a pretty fucking seasonal feature with me there. The two for today are here and the poems for all three days are here.

I'm pretty chuffed by that. It's a great zine and I like the poems by me.

Lit Up Magazine

There's a new poem by me called "the birds do not sing of death" at Lit Up Magazine here. It's still looking like a very great place to be published, some other really strong work there too.

Check it out.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shoots & Vines Day 2

Now I have two more up at Shoots and Vines as day two of my featured weekend. More coming tomorrow. Todays' offerings are here.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Shoots & Vines Day 1

If you are sobering up now, and recovered from buggering a few nieces and nephews, as one does at Xmas, then you may see a couple of poems by me posted at Shoots & Vines as the first part of the featured writer weekend here.

More coming tomorrow and the next day.

It's a great zine and I'm happy to be there.


I was just very pleased, but slightly surprised, to see a load of poems by me in who are here. The poems are here and five of them have appeared at a couple of other places. I don't know when they came up, but the four at the end have the same formatting as they had at one of the other places. The ones at the beginning aren't published anywhere else. It seems a good site, lots of other work there by people like Rob Plath and Luic Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal. The poems by me are pretty OK I think.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shoots and Vines

The excellent newish zine Shoots and Vines will be featuring me Boxing Day and the weekend. They are here, and have some really great stuff to read already. Like I say they will be featuring two poems by me Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so check them out. They are, as I said, here.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Delighted to have five pieces accepted for the January issue of LiteralMinded, a newish zine which obviously has damn good taste. They are here and will be well worth reading and are already worth a submission.

Yet Another Shopping Tip

To add to a couple of blogs ago, there are a plethora of Pussies up for sale at Misti Rainwater-Lites' blog, as well as other things being flogged. One pussy for sale there is mine, or tastes of me, Numero Once, and that is available here. If my poetic seed is too salty and ungodly, there are, as I say, many other pussies there, a few of which I've been in and infected with delightful diseases so they need a lot of scratching and fingering to feel comfy. Lots of other things to be snapped up too. The blog itself is here, and everything is up for grabs. There are some very artistic pictures of me molesting Jesus, a surprisingly well-endowed figure, being, as he was, the perfect man, a sort of praying man's Evan Stone. Well, there aren't, but their damn well should be.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Flutter Poetry Journal

Always happy to have one forthcomign in the excellent Flutter Poetry Journal. There will be a poem called the moss by me in the January 2009 issue. Until then you can read their December 2008 issue here. It's worth checking out.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Xmas shopping tips

Since the word "Christian" and the word "cretin" are etymologically connected in that the old French thought, observing cretins, "These fuckers are just like X-ians" I thought that I would see just how suggestible people are. A famous Swedish bishop, drunk and high as a fucking kite, but nevertheless obviously massively erect, just mumbled to me through his cold cocaine lips, spattered with a healthy dose of non-human ejaculate, "If the fuckers swallow your gibberish there's no knowing what they might swallow, Dog willing."

So, I command you to buy a signed book "pushing lemmings" direct from me. (PayPal thing below or to the left.) The panties of Christ compel you to buy a copy of Cadaver's dance at Amazon. If you don't buy a copy of La morte vivante at Shadow Archer Press then a dead dyke will eat your face.

Don't say i didn't warn you. Catherine is peckish and Jebus is always horny.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

An exuberant ashtray

Rob Plath's new blogzine is up now here, and there is a lot of stuff in it, including poems by Rob himself, Puma Perl and me. My thing is here.

The dog really freaks out if I do Michael Jackson's voice from South Park. I either have to stop doing it or be badly bitten. Quite hard to choose.

Sein und Werden & philias

One poem by me online at Sein und Werden now here. Also a review by me of a book Vs by David Oprava is here. There's a poem in the print version too and that can be ordered here. There are many people in it, including me and Pablo Vision. So buy it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Maynard Anthology

Pleased to say that The Maynard will be publishing three poems by me in their forthcoming Anthology. Details will be available at their site here. Judging by some of the work they have had it will be an excellent book.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Muse Thing & call for submissions

Very pleased that Nobius Black just posted a poem by me at The Muse Thing here. The Muse Thing is Calliope Nerve's weblog and the piece will be in the print issue too. They would appreciate some quality submissions, I'm sure, for in my humble opinion zines like Calliope Nerve, and especially them, are those that publish the best shit now being writ. At least I tend to send them the best things I do. You should do so too, if you do write good stuff you want published in classy underground company. Submission guidelines are here.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Paramater forgotten

I try to keep records of most online things in this blog by updating it when I learn that thye are up, it's not complete though because of the inevitable imperfection of man. I just noticed two poems in Parameter five that I forgot to post here. It's an excellent magazine, it's here, and here the poems are.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Literary Mary

Very pleased to say that Literary mary, whom I mentioned a few months ago and recommended to your attention, will soon have their first print issue available.There are two poems by me in it and much other excellent stuff, listed here. They will soon have advance orders avaialble and they also have good work in many media at their website here.

A Capella Zoo

Happy to have just had a piece accepted for the Spring issue of A Capella Zoo, a zine that has an excellent line up for their Fall issue listed at their website here. The zine can be ordered here. It's $10 plus shipping and handling and an annual subscription is $18, two years only $32, and free shipping for subscriptions. It's quite a good poem by me and I'm sure the rest of the poetry and prose in the issue will be excellent. It's a print literary journal of experimental and magic realist works.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Pleased to say that sexy similes and when you're tired of Stockholm, you're tired of death, two pieces by me, will be appearing in the excellent Lo-Fidelity zine who are here. They have really good stuff posted there, so check them out. Sexy similes is pretty offensive, I'm pleased to say, and is here, the Stockholm poem isn't offensive, I'm afraid, and it's here. I suppose the different degrees of offensiveness are because one is about God and one about Stockholm, I like Stockholm but I don't like the idea of a huge and powerful ghost who can do tricks. Stockholm is probably less bleak than one might imagine from the poem. God is precisely that nonsensical.

Moon Drenched Fables

Delighted to have a piece accepted by Moon Drenched Fables to appear in March 2009. It's a zine that specializes in the fantasy genre, and they have excellent work at their site to read in the meantime, they are here.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Also in the post today I received a copy of December 2008's Decanto. Packed full of a lot of poems as usual, and not bound to the usual contemporary styles. Order a copy here for a change of pace, guarnateed no bad Bukowski knock-offs in it.

Belinda And Her Friends

I received my copy of Belinda and Her Friends today, I have already reviewed it and blurbed it, you can read the review here and buy the book here, from Erbacce Press, or direct from Puma if you have that option. Do so. It's a marvelous slice of life, about the times when life still was life and knew how to be marvelous sometimes.

Cadaver's dance & pushing lemmings

Just to encourage the reader to but a copy of Cadaver's dance, there are links to reviews and a little blurb at the publishers here, it's the perfect Xmas prezzy for a necrophiliac or plain old ghoul. It's at Amazon here. And reviewed here. It's $12 plus Amazon's postage fees which I believe are very reasonable.

There's also a new chapbook La morte vivante at Shadow Archer Press, you can read blurbs/reviews and buy for only $5 plus 2 postage here.

Also at Erbacce Press a longer (128 pp) and perhaps slightly better book, pushing lemmings, which is here, along with my first print chapbook a hunger for mourning, and a signed copy of pushing lemmings can be had from me via PayPal below. It's £6.95 plus whatever postage is. So to hell with hamsters, kittens, puppies, and rats, buy yourself a lemming for Xmas, keep it safe from Walt Disney though.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Toronto Quarterly

Very pleased to have a poem appearing in next issue of The Toronto Quarterly. For now you can buy their first issue here, and it seems to have a pretty impressive line up. So it's another zine that seems to be doing things right. Until, of course, they took my stuff. Or especially because they took my stuff. Take your choice when you pays yer money. They have MySpace too, that's here.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gut Zine

I'm very pleased to have received a very prompt response from The Gut Zine, who will be taking two poems for issue 12 and for their website here. They are anti-fame and human in the gut, and I just saw that I shall be in issue 12 with the infamous Rob Plath, the notorious X-ian campaigner for the Republican party and lifelong teetotaler. Assuming literacy and some knowledge of English, you can read his stuff and a whole load of other excellent work at the Gut link above.

EDIT: My two poems are up there now.

Rain over Bouville

Some time soon there will be a new issue of Rain over Bouville. It will come when you least expect it, it may come as you are shooting up, or as you are quietly beating your wife or molesting an animal or child. but it will come, and, when it does, so will you, because it contains a poem by me about why I really dislike the stars in the sky and the moral law, and a poem by me about rain, which I do like. For now the current issues and archives may be accessed here.

There's a book on sale by Humphrey Astley that can be ordered here. I reviewed the thing too below in this blog at this link.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Side of Grits

Living in Sweden, I'm not sure what a side of grits is, but it's also a new zine from Rural Messenger Press which has its first issue here. I just had a poem accepted for the next issue which is coming some time soon. I'm sure it will be as good as the first one. Far too well-stocked menu to mention all the courses, but there's a lot of tasty meat in the first issue. Mine is, I'm afraid, more of the cannibal roadkill variety.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Unlikely Stories

Happy to say that three poems by me are just posted now in the excellent and radical Unlikely Stories 2.0 and they are here, the whole zine is here and, as usual, it is full of thought-provoking and first class work.

While you're here, before checking out Unlikely Stories, or after - chronology means nothing to me - navigate over to Shadow Archer and buy my damn cheap chapbook La morte vivante - a mere $7 including postage and it's here. It may well have girl on girl action like the film, despite my not liking fucking in poems, except the word "fucking" - I use that.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Just mentioned a thing at Inscribed. Now it's up as part of Vol 3 Issue 6 here as a free pdf download. Pretty excellent issue, which I can really recommend. One I like by me in it too.

Do buy pushing lemmings too, I just read it for the first time since writing it and I quite like it. Order it from PayPal here or at the links below to the left.

This page is best viewed in Lynx, as they always say

Shadow Archer - la morte vivante

Really impressed and pleased by the copy of la morte vivante that I received from Shadow Archer Press. Very nice job it is, and Rebecca Jonas has an excellent artwork on the cover, Curt Furmark of Stockholm also did a very nice layout. Curt's blog is here, with many first class daubings. The book is only five dollars with postage and on sale here, check out the other work they have available too here. It's all good, that which I have seen. Buy a copy of Fissure magazine, an excellent young small press publication, I'm in the current issue too. Also a special mention for Felino Soriano's Feeling through mirages, which I blurbed and shall review, buy it here.

Inscribed - A Magazine for Writers

Pleased to say that since they died, a poem by me about dead children (yikes, another one) will be in the next issue of Inscribed, an excellent magazine. You can order a copy or read a pdf for free here. I am also in the anthology on sale from them here.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The The

Very happy that Craig Sernotti over at The The will be taking a thing for The next issue, for now you can read their first theme issue at their site which is here.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Exuberant Ashtray

Notorious degenerate Rob Plath just picked a fag butt out of the smelly ashtray that is my computer and will stick it in his Exuberant Ashtray, a blogzine thing he has decided to start, this ashtray is in need of cleaning here, and he coughs up a phlegmatic blob in it about himself here, if you want to taste his nicotine.

Rob's own poetry rocks pretty hard, and I'm sure the zine will rule. Though he's a lazy douche. Looking forward to his book.

On a happy note, young Lucas has gone over two days without a single accident. Not bad for an eight week old puppy. The cats don't mind him. He will start a puppy blogzine himself - "The well shat-in tasty kitty litter tray." He dreams of it, the cats are crapping in trays on shelves now.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Breadcrumb Scabs

There is a new poetry magazine out called Breadcrumb Scabs. That is a stupendous name and they will be running three things by me in their first issue, probably in January. They are open to most themes, they like, among other things, strong images, confessional content, women's and LGBT content, also dark, emotional work about the human condition. They probably won't want stuff praising the opinions of St Paul. The submissions guidelines are here, so get scribbling, get submitting...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The League of Laboring Poets

Very pleased to have just heard that The League of Laboring Poets will be printing "we never grow" by me in their Spring 2009 issue. It can be ordered here. Seems to be a damn good magazine.

Also pleased to hear from another magazine that I have been nominated for a pretty prestigious award. Not sure if I'm meant to say which magazine, so I won't until I know it's OK.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Clearfield Review

Very pleased to hear that a piece by me is forthcoming in Clearfield Review, Utah's online literary magazine. Their first issue is coming soon and they are here. I'm sure it will be excellent, the poem by me is pretty OK, I think. Always good to see new zines come.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weave Magazine

The first issue of the new print magazine is out and arrived in my mailbox today. And a very professional production it is. There's one poem by me in it, and I'm very pleased that that poem found such a classy home. The magazine's website is here, and it can be ordered here.

Bolts of Silk

Very pleased that a poem by me has just been posted in the excellent new zine Bolts of Silk. They have some good stuff there in general and are well worth checking out. The poem is here and the zine is here.

Dark Matter

The anthology for 2008 with selected writings from down in the dirt and Children, Churches and Daddies is out. It's on sale for five dollars as a download or for fifteen as a 190 page paperback book (or hardback in varying formats) here. It includes a long poem by me called "dog eye variations" that I really like.

Buy this, suckers, make the world a stranger place.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Unlikely Stories

Very pleased that Jonathan Penton over at the excellent and progressive zine Unlikely Stories, who are here, has taken three things to run just before Xmas, because I'm a very seasonal fucker and will be celebrating the death of the lame-ass savior by whacking off on a toad in a pentagram just like everyone else. I actually have three poemks in their April issue too, you can read those here.

Note that the poems have nothing to do with Xmas and I'm not dreadfully interested in the holidays, it's not like you get cheap blow or anything.

La morte vivante, out soon

My chapbook with Shadow Archer is out very soon. The thing is very inexpensive and it's here. Do buy it, there are several blurbs at the link.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Puma Perl - chapbook available

Puma Perl's excellent first chapbook can now be ordered from Erbacce press here, and there is a link at that site back to my review at this blog, which spares me the trouble of finding the fucker. I say again that you should buy this thing, it's in several ways the best of the many chapbooks that I have reviewed recently. It's as good as Chinese Democracy, but less noisy so you can read it without drowning out the boring crap on the TV, or competing with other albums you also might want to listen to.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

chunks of tasty Cadaver

Nobius over at Calliope Nerve has been kind enough to post a couple of poems from Cadaver's dance at the Muse Thing, the Calliope Nerve weblog. The poems are here. It's going to be a great extension of the zine and I'm delighted to be in it. The book is on Whistling Shade here and can be bought at Amazon here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Heroin Love Songs 4

A nicely non-offensive poem by me, highly decorous and filial, is up in Heroin Love Songs Journal 4. There are far too many to mention everyone, but Pablo Vision, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Rob Plath, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Puma Perl, Lester Allen and Felino Soriano are in it. Print copies can be obtained here.

Also news that Jack Henry's chapbook is on sale from Erbacce here.


Cool to say that a thing by me will be appearing in the February 2009 Decomp. It's an excellent and regularly appearing zine and it's here, so check it out.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Problem Child

Pleased to say that a thing by me, "dirty memory," is in Problem Child, which, as we all remember, unless we are children with problems with amnesia, is a delicious song by the Damned, from Music for Pleasure, unless I misremember. It's also Penn State's alternative literary magazine; and this magazine can be ordered here. There is an excellent selection of work online too at their site here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

the lesion that is the ego

Well, about my not noticing things, I missed two issues of Poetry Repairs, one is easily one of my favorite poems by me, really weird shit about Sid Vicious, Curt and Courtney, Lacan, Hegel, and the authenticated medieval divine prepuces of Jesus, it is here and I love it though it is, in a profound sense of the word, crap, and sucks monkey balls, but effortlessly.

The other one includes me, yet again, nicking the trumpetings of the prophet Yeats. That one is here. By the way, Poetry Re-pairs is a really great site to read to get a little inspiration, to get the old emulative instinct flowing. Yeats much better poem is on the same page, but he's dead and I'm still sort of living, so fuck him.

Misericordes - Marie Lecrivain

Another thing I failed to notice earlier is that a review by me of the excellent Misericordes by Marie Lecrivain has been posted at Subtle Tea here. Do buy it.

Alors et toi

Forgot to mention that a couple of poems by me are up at Alors et toi issue three, which is here. Great zine and the poems are here. A lot of things I miss, get posted without me noticing etc, but I remembered now, temporarily fighting back senility like old King Cunt, or whatever they used to call him. I shall also try to update my many links better as issues change and move to archives and so forth.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Static Movement Nov 2008

Seem to have forgotten to mention that there is a poem by me called "fall" in the Nov 2008 issue of Static Movement. Well there is, it's a great zine, and here the poem is.

La morte vivante - advance orders and reviews

Very pleased that they have posted a few reviews of La morte vivante at Shadow Archer press. There's a link to advance order for a mere five dollars by card via PayPal. It's a limited signed edition and I'll soon be receiving the sheets to sign so it is coming soon. It's available here. Thanks to everybody there who took the time to read and write a review blurb.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Calliope Nerve 17

Happy to say that Calliope Nerve 17 is out and can be ordered for $3.50 here. It contains five poems by me and also work by J.D. Nelson, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Jim Benz, Ariel Lee, Christian Ward, Felino Soriano, Puma Perl, Sergio Ortiz, and John Grey. In other words, it's an excellent read. So get a copy.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Opium Poetry Blogzine

Very pleased to just have had a thing posted at OpiumpoetryBlogzine, a very good new online magazine with some first rate poets in it. They are here and my thing is here. The zine is well worth adding to your list of stuff to read regularly, so do check it out.

Gutter Eloquence

Pleased to say that I have a thing in the inaugural issue of Gutter Eloquence magazine. That will be coming here and it will probably be very good since Jack T Marlowe edits it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

the dead living girl - forthcoming chapbook

Everybody must love the film The Living Dead Girl? Once I watched it while simultaneously reading Verlaine's collected - this resulted in me writing a thing, twenty odd poems, called the dead living girl. Only the title poem has been published, in Zygote in my Coffee, this poem is still here, though the zine has since folded they still have the website up.

Now Shadow Archer Press, publishers of the first rate Fissure mag, are going to do a limited edition signed and numbered copy of the whole thing. I'm dead chuffed about that since I love the film, and the poems I did I quite like too. I mean, any film Rob Zombie likes must be great. His The Devil's Rejects is one of the few that comes close to it.

Anyway, Shadow Archer Press are here, they have lots of chapbooks by other poets on offer there, buy something. Buy a copy of Fissure if you can, the new issue, very sensibly, includes two by me.

Poor Catherine, she was dead and her girlfriend wouldn't let her be dead. She had to feast on all these people.

The Journal

Very happy to announce that two things by me willl be in the Spring 2009 issue of the excellent print mag The Journal. "one day the air" and "sidewalk." The Journal can be ordered etc here, and ,by the way, you can read "the ultimate slice " of editor Sam Smith's novel here at bibliophila.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blue Fifth Review

One thing by me is in the October 2008 issue of the Blue Fifth review here. The zine itself is here. Well worth a read.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Red Peter

Very pleased indeed to note that seven poems by me are up at the absolutely excellent zine Red Peter. They are here and the poems are here. They present an eclectic mix of stuff bound together by the unifying feature of being very good and cool. So read them and my poems there, lots of other goodies too.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Heroin Love Songs

A thing by me is forthcoming in Heroin Love Songs who are here. It's a pretty offensively feckless poem that attacks mothers and the mother country with equal gusto. It's one of the best zines currently around, featuring perverts deviants and geniuses from all over.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yellow Mama

Yellow Mama is one of the best online zines so I'm pleased to have a thing forthcoming there in 2009. For now you can read them here.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pushing Lemmings reviewed

There's a fresh review of dead lemmings at Pablo Vision's blog here.

Oranges and lemmings, say the bells of dead heaven.

There's a link there to purchase, similar links over to the right.


Pleased to receive my copy of Fissure issue #4. It includes two poems by me, also poems by AD Hitchins, Felino Soriano, Rob Plath, and many others. And an excelelnt piece of fiction by that Palo Vision. Less girl on girl than one might expect from him though there's a Sophie and a Lena who kiss a bit. Order the thing here.

Also just signed the contract for a new book with Poptritus Press. This man is very professional and knowledgeable, and I'm confident that he will do an absolutely first rate job. It will be ready in May 2009. Very very pleased by this, it will be up to 60 pages or so. Cool. They are here. I'm determined that this will be my best book. It will rock.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Instant Pussy 11

Very pleased with my copy of Instant Pussy which arrived today, the David McLean flavored one, numero once. Misti did some very nice illustrations, I don't go for lesbian porn, but naked evil dolls rule. Misti Rainwater-Lites has her blog here, the copy of Instant Pussy can be downloaded for free here or even bought on paper at cost price at the same link.

It cures christianity and I sort of assume that that solves many problems...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rain over Bouville

Just received a few copies of the A6 print sampler from Rain over Bouville. You find poems by Amanda Boschetto in issue three and by me, your humble master and god, in issue two, both these issues are here. Don't know how to get copies. Pretty sure it's largely a question of asking Humphrey. I religiously eat all the stamps from these zines, but does one fucker stick a tab under? No. What is this world coming to? Anyway, read the zine here, it's a great read, like I said before and will again.

Frame Lines

Just to say that Frame Lines have my bio up now here. Links there to stuff you can buy.

Also noticed some other "David McLean" - that guy I mentioned before with the God stuff. Seems there are some poems at the website known as Be assured that this is not me. Hopefully we are easy to tell apart. Wouldn't mention it or draw attention to them otherwise, but I want to avoid being credited with them, and wouldn't want people to think that I would have work there.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Travis Blair's forthcoming "Train to Chihuahua"

This book is not available yet, but will be very soon. I know Travis Blair is pretty pleased that this book is coming and so am I since he is an excellent writer. The link is to the page that will be stocking the book within a week or two.

Train to Chihuahua
by Travis Blair
book review by David McLean
Old Seventy Creek Press

ISBN forthcoming

Travis Blair's first full-length book is an anthology of his poems about Mexico, a record of his youthful trips to Mexico that are crafted to also homage a love, a relationship to a woman, at least i hope it's one woman who is the she in all the poems where a name is unspecified, and to time, death and aging. Frida Kahlo, Jesus and Janis Joplin are there. If the essence of poetry is nostalgia for presence, poems being then postcards from nowhere describing something we assume really existed, or ought to exist, then these poems are a beautiful revenge on ugly time and its “It was.” It's as though Mexico symbolizes a source of ineffable fertility and density of being, a color in the gray that life so easily becomes, a place where the actual living happens, in penury and abjection sometimes, but always alive, and Travis feels himself real there, not where we acquire large dogs, jobs, and mortgages without really noticing while we are stupefied by ambitious self-medication, but a special place the light and colors let him see what is inside him.

She smiled
when I shook them to hear
their seed sounds
and feel them brush
against the skin
like our baby kicking
inside her belly.

For years
the green maracas have hung
on a wall in my den
gathering dust
like moss in the trees
of Chapultepec Park
when love long ago
was fertile
and we were young.

The poems incorporate descriptions of nature that are often quite phenomenal, showing a genuine ability to swiftly make anything from a heron to a seal live for us a moment with just the right number of words, an ability to create the colors in us. And these splashes of described life are contextualized into the poet's experience of his being, his need

Four months after death
tapped me on the shoulder
handed me a brainstem stroke
I return once more
to the Sea of Cortez –
a broken poem
void of rhythm and rhyme
clumsy-worded as my gait
empty of all grace
seeking a way back.

Mornings I laze
on a back porch hammock
gazing at the sea
drawn to the sight of seals
floating on their backs
noses in the air, flippers waving
above the whitecaps
their playful barks resonant
as baritones calling me

Come play with us.”
But I am afraid to swim
out beyond the rocks.

All in all, the poems in this book hang together beautifully, and they are an intoxicating world of shades, hues, and odors where bulls sometimes gore bullfighters, where we do get to swim out beyond the rocks and the seals are happy for that, where owls sit vivid in dead trees and wait for civilization to fall asleep. One poem in the book describes finding a perfect beach off the beaten tourist track. That's what this book is like, a special afternoon from somebody's life that you get to share, to see and smell the experiences that made them a unique individual, in this case the poet Travis Blair. If you don't buy it then you may regret that your life is so gray, but it will be your own fault, not time's, because now is the time to do it and I told you so, fuckers, so go do it at this link.

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Belinda and her friends" - Puma Perl reviewed

This is an advance review of an excellent chapbook by Puma Perl that is forthcoming with erbacce-press, like a lot of other good books. Joining two of mine that you can buy at links below to the right. Anyway, buy Puma's book, it kicks ass and remembers names

Belinda and her Friends
chapbook by Puma Perl
reviewed by David McLean

This chapbook, the first by Puma Perl, is an exceptionally real depiction of life in a part of New York in the last millennium, where heroin or alcohol abuse is an integral part of life, where life is cold but full of a transient warmth, where hearts are larger than you might expect. It depicts a character Belinda and her encounter with a living in a world shared with several very vividly portrayed characters who manage to snatch some meaning from the worthless life to which the very poor are subjected everywhere -

so the red bandana tied around her forehead
meant nobody got hit yet not even any yelling
there was beer and twenty dollar
bills in two pockets it was a good day and it
happened twice a month and everyone was happy

The book steadfastly refrains from preaching, it does not whine about unscrupulous dealers and the evils of welfare, it shows instead of preaching. And it exudes an almost unbearable nostalgia like Burroughs calling down the centuries with no voice and lips for boys who are gone and times that are gone and maybe never really existed, except here the times and people were real, real as children and a mother's obligation

our secrets shared and buried in benches
we drank beer through a straw
our kids raced across the playground
fearless wild-haired unruly
dropping juice boxes, crushing pretzels
we stayed for hours after everyone had left
whispering stories, picking up kids as they fell

Puma Perl is an extraordinary poet, she captures a feel here so exquisitely and a sense of place that seems entirely appropriate to listening to Willie De Ville, it's “so, so real” now, and it's the sort of life he used to evoke as a young man. “I ain't no rocket just a shooting star”

I feel our last words as the sun streams down
We are the unknown ancestors
We are picture frames, empty as a midnight sandbox
Only imaginary friends left to tell the tales
of whispered secrets hidden in
brightly painted, but still broken benches

This poetry is nostalgic and beautiful, it is nostalgic in the sense that is a longing for presence and being and the ability of being to defy nonentity and lying time. Belinda died, like junkies tend to do, so she is absolutely absent now, exists nowhere. Thus the words do poetry's duty by pretending that she exists there. In a sense that makes the words a homage to life, assuming it to be something worth preserving, all the futile living, and this is what makes it sad and beautiful. Saying that we have souls is just another way of saying that we'd quite like to be immutable and dead like stones. Better to be Belindas and be temporary, finally go forever, but in the meantime get drunk and very, very stoned.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Static Movement

Always a pleasure to appear in Static Movement, and I shall again in November's issue. For now you may enjoy the excellent October issue here.

Dancing on Thin Ice - George Anderson reviewed

Dancing on Thin Ice
Chapbook by George Anderson
Erbacce press ISBN: 978-1-906588-29-8
reviewed by David McLean

This new chapbook is a cynical and funny account of life, sexuality, love, violence, and motorbikes. It is often raw and exhilarating, the language well-tooled and crafted


the elderly couple
leave the cinema
& in fast forward mode
visibly age. Die. There is
a solemn, quickly forgotten


the Bonneville circles
again. The dark visors of the
in purple
bars of light

There are really excellent images here and the poems work well together. They even become reflexive

I suppose some MFA student in the distant future
will ask what this or that line means
or the symbolism behind such and such image
but let me assure you dear reader-
there are no lessons to be learnt here,
no underlying meaning, no ironic commentary about existence
it all just happened as I tried to describe it

I can recommend this book both for the slightly brutal humor of many of the poems and for the underlying truth of its cynical take on life, like in a poem about photographing roadkill

the use of metaphor is acceptable
but keep it simple & always link it
back to the blurred line
between art & excrement

And it's seldom that poems ever reflect on the pleasures of kicking the shit out of somebody, they aren't usually that honest, that real. So buy this book for being the delectable exception.

It's at Erbacce-press.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

With Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal After Midnight

Before and Well After Midnight,
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Deadbeat press
black book madness Vol 5
by David McLean

This new chapbook by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal is the fifth in deadbeat press' excellent black book madness series. They present us partly with glimpses into a magical world that we might not like to be in, partly with glimpses of a modern society we mostly don't want to be in. One poem speaks more than the 38 words it is.

No Purpose

People think the worst of me
because loneliness has put
its hat on my head. I have
no purpose in this world.
This makes me seem like a
dangerous man, like I could slit a

His most characteristic poems are those about the animals of madness, a frightening mental bestiary where worms from rotting apples bite you as you walk on the grass and make you younger, language falls away from you, and you drown crawling back to the womb, the origin of life.

Other poems deal with social issues, police objecting to “immigrants just wanting to dance all night,” with sick children seeking justice from a god who has unsurprisingly betrayed them, since he doesn't exist.

Favorites here are The President's daughter

I am making a statement by
not combing my hair. I don’t
care where I go from here.
Everything will take care of itself.
I am the president’s daughter.

and the before mentioned one about the girl querying God

She wanted
her Maker
to fix His
mistake, to

work a new
to make her
mind normal.

She wanted
her illness
wiped away

She challenged
Her Maker
to prove that
He loved her.

All in all a phenomenal chapbook. Everything from love to political protest, but first and foremost tales of ordinary extra-ordinary madness, how we become invisible, how we become so little nobody will miss us.

Order here - You won't regret it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Want to get into a Pussy?

Because if so you can maybe get into Clockwise Cat issue twelve or thirteen. Alison the editor has several volumes of submission guidelines here, largely drunken threats as I remember. But it is an excellent magazine that does poems, prose - which is like stilted poems written when your return key is broken - reviews, rants and polemics and so forth. It is progressive generally speaking, so she refused my impassioned plea for the death penalty for everything left of littering. There is no theme as far as I know. So submit for issue twelve or issue thirteen. Everybody wants to get into the pussy.

The Griffin

I just received copies of the 2008 issue of The Griffin from Gwynned-Mercy College, an excellent production, two poems by me in it. About the moon, for some reason. Lots more prose and poems about non-lunar phenomena, too. It can be ordered here for six dollars, and there's even a free pdf of the 2007 issue on the same link that you can download if you're broke.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Clockwise Cat

Yay! The new Cockwise Pussy is up with five poems by me here. Congratulations to Alison Ross again for another excellent issue. Also stuff by Amanda Boschetto, Puma Perl, A.J. Kaufmann, Felino Sorano and many many others.

Then there's a hat trick of reviews by me of Alan Corkish's Bum Rap here, Rob Plath's There's a little hobo in my heart here and Misti Rainwater-Lites' Pretty Red Berries here.

There's a link there to Rob's sellers. Misti's book is here, and Alan's is on sale here. I really recommend all these books. All their other stuff too. Alan and Rob need wine and Misti needs diapers and other stuff. Buy them, buy mine, and buy angels in hell by Boschetto. I have a couple of new books arranged next year too, so start saving and fuck X-mas, mofos.

Pushing lemmings

Me second full length at 128 pp is still on sale at Erbacce here, and here's a Paypal link that lets you buy it directly from me:

Different postages are included depending on whether you pay in crowns, dollars or pounds. The book costs £6.95 actually. Misti Rainwater-Lites says of it.

A Review of Pushing Lemmings by David McLean

by Misti Rainwater-Lites, “Femme Fatale Poet” and editor/publisher of Instant Pussy

David McLean has a true poet’s heart. There is not a smidgen of sentimentality to be found in McLean’s poems. Instead of cheapening life and love with maudlin clichés, David McLean shows the value of life and love by writing with brutally accurate observations and merciless truth. Art is subjective but truth is not. Like the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, David McLean cajoles and celebrates death realizing that the two are happily married.

In summer sun, one of my favorite poems not only from Pushing Lemmings or from David McLean but of anything I have ever read, McLean beautifully illustrates in just a few chilling lines that innocence and happiness are only for a season:

summer sun
summer sun children swim in the sea
they imagine they are happy
they imagine this is life
night in me sings a swimming winter shark to them
rises surfaces and strikes

Another favorite of mine is i want scales. Few poets can carry off misanthropy with the brilliance and style shown in these lines: “i want scales on my body and fangs/and several suspicious sexual weapons/drowning policepeople in a murderous sea of semen”

David McLean is one of the most consistently brilliant poets I have ever had the pleasure to read. His poems are sap and bullshit free. They should be carved on tombstones.

Monday, October 13, 2008

"angels in hell" reviewed

Pablo Vision just reviewed Amanda Boschetto's "angels in hell" on his blog here. The film "Angels in hell" included David McLean the Marlboro man, Pablo reminded me. But this David McLean will never betray his beloved Marlboro with a faggy cancer lawsuit.


I see the October Fissure is available. I have things there and it can be ordered here on paper made from suicidal trees.

Frame Lines

There's a fashion issue of the Australian magazine Frame Lines out now. Poems in it by many good people, and two by me on page 13 here at this link as a low resolution or high resolution pdf. Even viewable as an HTML version at that link. Bios and pics of the writers etc will be on the web site but aren't working yet. A great magazine that I can heartily recommend

Friday, October 10, 2008


Very pleased to receive the issue of Trespass that includes me, it's an excellent production, a very high quality magazine that looks and feels good, and a pleasure to be in considering the quality of the stuff they feature. Do yourself a favor and order and subscribe here.

Hanging Moss Journal

A poem by me will soon be appearing in the guest section of the Hanging Moss Journal, which is here. Steve Meador is the editor and the zine also promotes his work, check it out here.

EDIT: It's up now here. Other good stuff to read in that section too.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why vandalism

The October issue of the excellent Why vandalism? is up and there are three by me in it. They start here. There are also poems by Justin Hyde and fiction by Don Hucks and Don Webb, photos by Greg Lytle.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Frame Lines

Pleased to say that a couple of things by me will be in the excellent Frame Lines soon, their October/November issue. Subscribe and read here. It's a great mag.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Here is the new Maynard. Two poems by me and lots of excellent stuff, a great zine. Apart from me Chagnming Yuan, Katie Arthur, Phillip Ellis, Sergio Ortiz, Kerry Varga, and Constantin Polykronakos.

All produced good stuff, even me.

Instant Pussy Once

Among the keywords to Issue Numero Once of Instant Pussy Misti has included Cock, clit, God, countryliving, Jerry Springer, Death, fuckity-fuck and David McLean. That's Ok by me. She has my Pussy up at Lulu here as a free download or as some damn expensive high-class polychromatic Pussy. Get yerself some Pussy today. It's free, it's all good. 33 pages and even some lesbian porn. Well, what did you expect? See here for more information. It will look lovely on your coffee table, too. I get no profit from this, nor does Misti, though both Swedish cottages and Texan crack shacks need refurbishing.

Speaking of Misti Rainwater Lites, who narrowly survived Ike, my review of her excellent new chapbook is here, and forthcoming in Clockwise Cat, and I do think you should buy that too, in an orgy of conspicuous expenditure.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Flutter PJ

Flutter for October is up, probably because it is October, which i just noticed. It's here and a poem by me is here. The trumpetings of the prophet James Joyce, nicked yet again.

Parenthetically, and this has absolutely no relation to FPJ or my poem, but, generally speaking, people who don't like the almsot excessively groovy Tricky are dickheads, and/or just jealous. Tricky rocks. God bless him.

In Swedish, "October" is spelled "Oktober" - a lot of things confuse me, but not that. It's refreshingly similar. No one is similar to Tricky (OK, maybe god is), and my poem is not at all like Joyce.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Motel 58

Pleased to have had one poem accepted for the next issue of Motel 58. Print zine, I believe, their blog is here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rain over Bouville

The excellent Rain over Bouville has been a trifle tardy with issues recently, but they are getting back to work and welcome submissions of poems and stuff to Send them five, that's reasonable I think, the guidelines aren't too clear. Check them out here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fissure Magazine

Two more by me will be in the forthcoming fourth issue of Fissure. They do "seek surrealism, magical realisim, psychological horror, philosophical challenges, beat, cut-up, deconstructionism, social commentary, and experimental writing. Fissure is published by Shadow Archer Press." Order it here.

Halfway down the Stairs

Delighted to say that two poems have been accepted for the March 2009 issue of Halfway down the Stairs. An excellent zine which is located here. The issue is called Twists of fate.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Harlequin XIII

Received today my copy of issue 13 of Harlequin Magazine, very nice magazine actually, and a very nice looking thing. Buy it or subscribe here, to support independent literature. They have a very nice website too.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sein und Werden

The new Sein und Werden is online, there is a review by Rachel Kendall of my Cadaver's dance here, and also a poem by me up here and one coming in the print issue. There is lots of other stuff online too. The great Pablo Vision, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, and many more.

There are copies of the book at Amazon now here.

Flutter Poetry journal

Happy to say that a poem by me will be in Flutter again in the October issue. It's called "there was night." Just now there's one by me in their August/September issue here. Great zine and always fun to be there.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Maynard

Very happy to say that I have two pieces accepted at The Maynard. for the issue that will be up in October. They are here, and for the time being you may enjoy their current issue, which is here. It's an excellent zine, so read and submit.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Neon Beam Six

So, it's that time of the month, or the quarter, and Neon Beam, is out. Number six includes many names I recognize, I'll mention three, Pablo Vision, Rob Plath, Felino Soriano, and me. There's a free pdf, as usual, and a link to Lulu, which, for your clicking convenience, I also put here. Do buy Neon Beam. It's a lovely zine. Buy issue five too, there's an interview with, and naked pics of, me, and it's here.

Here's the full list, prose by
John Oliver Hodges, Gillian Taber, Christopher Nosnibor, Michael Ray Laemmle, Pablo Vision, Christian Roberts, Adrian Ludens, Kevin P. Keating.

And so called poems, which is a sort of writing very like prose with enthusiastic line breaks, by Gary Beck, Darryl Salach, Joseph Reich, Patience Wieland, Geoff Stevens, Jack Henry, James S. Wilk, David McLean, Rob Plath, Felino Soriano, Ernest Williamson III, Robert S. King.

Also an interview with Gregory L. Hall

Friday, September 12, 2008

Misti Rainwater-Lites The Kitchen is Closed

The Kitchen is Closed
Misti Rainwater-Lites
chapbook review by David McLean
published by and available from

This is one of many books and chapbooks available from the almost irritatingly prolific Misti Rainwater-Lites, and IMHO it is one of the best, by her or anyone. This because she is in the process of perfecting her use of language so that her drunken boasts about being better than Anne Sexton are starting to come true. The control of words is quite astonishing in this collection. And the subject matter is the exigencies of day to day living in a crack whore shack in the face of a hurricane, but it could be heaven and hell and the apocalypse.

Death is my newest distant lover.
I crook my finger. i bite my bottom lip. I wink.
He's leaving me to my bony thorny burn writhe fume
seethe life.
He knows I suck at blowjobs”

The whole voice and persona Misti has developed is very courageous, she takes the small tribulations she experienced, then, in her upbringing in the name of that cannibal suicide visionary Jesus the jerk-off God who defiles so many kids' tiny lives, and, now, in a country where they obviously believe that Jesus is basically OK but abortion and Arabs aren't. In the poem quoted above Misti discusses problems with food account balances and selling baby clothes on Like she says, these poems are about being mad as Howard Hughes without his billions of exculpating pence, about trudging through the sludge of self-loathing.

You need to buy this book if you are, like me, happy to be a-normal, or if you are some normal bastard who wants to congratulate herself on her boring normalcy, or even if you just like poetry. Because Misti is obviously one of the best. Because we are all spiritually bereft; there is no spirit, and Misti's poetry teaches us how to live without it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just to say that Eleutheria - The Scottish poetry review, has accepted a couple of spanking new pieces by me for their first issue in January 2009. Their site is here and I'm looking forward to seeing the issue when it comes.

By the way, you can now download and save a copy of the excellent Macaber Cadaver here as pdf.

Rob Plath - a little hobo

I just received the chapbooks by Rob Plath and Misti Rainwater-Lites from deadbeatpress. Great books and I shall post a review of Rob today, Misti tomorrow. Good luck with the hurricane by the way, Misti.

edit: Now I'm really pissed off, putting it on the shelf in the Plath section (male), I noticed I already bought that fucker from Rob but obviously forgot to read the fucker, let alone review. Never mind. Now I can read it twice.

there's a little hobo in my heart who forever gives the finger to humanity

RS Plath/ black book madnessŚtore.html
chapbook review by David McLean

This new product on the consumer market is one of many by Mr Plath, and it's one of his best. I love the thought of the demons in his head scrawling their anti-life slogans on his skull and making him write poems. And though Rob presents a world view that is pretty negative there is positivity here, he dreams in his nasty apartment, he sees more beauty in his world than other “aesthetes” see in their fucking sunsets and mother-loving glimpses into dead granny's eye.

Awareness of death and the feel of the weight of the sweaty balled feet pressing down on the stolid concrete, knowledge of how unspeakable our insides are, the stupid bones and the flesh around them just waiting to decay, that's what gives Plath the power to write words that are not a complacent mantra that basically reinforces the capitalist heterosexist status quo. And there is a certain moral superiority in this way of looking at things, no illusions, “my brain is an uncleaned latrine.” His poetry “knots nooses out of rainbows and hangs unicorns.”

Ultimately, the impetus behind the verse is existential. I mean, life is shit, the human condition sucks, we die and that's forever, everybody wants to survive death and nobody will. Rob is smart enough to see that one can take a certain satisfaction in phlegmatically coughing up a nice lump of phlegm. It's better than nothing. Not a lot, but it is.

There should be more corpses in poems, or at least nasty little hobos who know that their future is as a corpse. And nothing more. Angels are just there for the raping, for the devils' entertainment. Nice one Rob. It's on sale at Do buy it.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Whistling Shade

I just received the summer 2008 Whistling Shade, a poem by me in it here, one of many I have written about Anne Sexton, for some reason. It is indeed the magazine by the same people who published my first book, which also contains at least one poem about dead Anne, and you can order this mantelpiece here at Alibris or at Amazon, who are here, or even direct from WS Press here, with good old PayPal, the safe way to pay online. They have three other books on sale right now, too.

Whistling Shade is free around the Twin cities, and if you want a copy you can order four copies for only eight dollars if you live elsewhere in Ye Olde Great Satan. Details here. I would do so since they have good work in there, plus very entertaining columns by Dylan Garcia-Wahl, Joel van Valin, and others.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Harlequin magazine

I'm pleased nto say that issue 13 of Edinburgh's Harlequin magazine is now out. Order a copy if you like, their website is really professional and is here. The poem by me is called "phrasing meaning".

Friday, September 5, 2008

"women as tender" Humphrey Astley

At Lulu you can buy or download this book for free here.

Here's a review

The most striking thing about Humphrey Astley's new collection of poems is that the young whippersnapper is evidently writing just poems. Identifiably so, where words are treated like a rare and antique coinage, working out the histrionic mysteries of naming, where they denote poetically, detonate semantically, and alert the reader to beauty, whatever that is. The verbal content is phenomenally well-handled, people say that they hone poems a long time. Generally speaking one wonders why, Humphrey however does the same thing and does it to good purpose. His works do what other poems purport to do. I quote briefly a brief one about Trakl

He bore witness to the accident,
and at stretchers, breathing gunpowder,
soiled his artist’s hands
tending wounds delivered by no god.

Saint Georg of the Hoary Ordure!
Born with glass eyes, glass eyelids, too;
poet-apothecary, dead at twenty-seven,
the age of man.

And that's it. In its entirety. The man who didn't dare cash the huge Wittgensteinian check perfectly captured.

The title is a reference, I suppose, to the place of pussy as a token of exchange in a poetic economy that is marked male, remarquably so. The inappropriately propriative Leonardo eye that functions, however, properly in arrogating to itself its poetic property. The psyche, Psyche, (a young lady) its self. Other meanings of tender are objectionable. “I want warmth and tenderness” she said, in a Swedish joke. “Ok,” he replied, vigorously driving her face into a radiator.

Who are the happy, and what the fuck is
their problem?
This is how we assemble: shared aversions
stirred together. But this is no life,
sat here
on a punctuation mark

Briefly, Humphrey's poems are metaphysical in the old literary sense, the best sense. They are also exquisitely worked through, often very beautiful. I am probably wholly wrong in assessing their intent, but what the fuck, you pays your money and you takes your choice. In fact, at Lulu you takes your choice whether or not to pay, it's a free download or a real book, for legal tender, here. Maybe you could get a few copies for a good woman.

Lemmings link

As said, the best way to but Pushing lemmings may be direct from Erbacce if you are in the UK. Otherwise this is a new Paypal link below, to pay £9.95 which is an averaged out postage for the whole world so you get it directly from me, probably with my mark. The book is £6.95. It's well spoken of by Misti Rainwater-Lites at erbacce here.

Some people are afraid to use PayPal. There is no reason for this. But people in Sweden can pay directly to my stupid bank. If they know me and can ask for it that is. The chances are 90 million against that anyone here who doesn't know me wants to buy it. Anyway, here's the link.

Now, I'm off to offer my services to woodland critters in the forest here. I could swear that the frogs here croak "Hail satan!"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why vandalism?

The September issue of the consistnetly excellent Why vandalism is up and is, well, consistently excellent. There is work by Fariel Shafee, Jac Jemc, Obelia Modjeska, Eric Suhem, Joseph Cameron, Katherine Psipsina, and me. Mine is here. Do read and support this zine, and do check my ebook with them. The book, about which they say quite nice things in the intro, is here.

Ralph-Michael Chiaia

Just to plug a book a little, I noticed that Lit Chaos posted my review of Ralph-Michael's excellent poetry collection that you can and should buy on Amazon. The review is here. Buy it here, if the link works.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"angels in hell"

angels in hell is the title of the first chapbook by the bitch. It's available from deadbeat press here, and you can also order books by Misti Rainwater-Lites and Rob Plath from the same people. I'll be reviewing the last two but it might be a bit strange to review a book by a woman who after all is a piece of my property

Macabre Cadaver

Just now you can see html versions of the poems in the September issue of Macabre Cadaver up at their site. I have five there and my favorite is this one. There are also excellent poems by Felino Soriano, Sergio Ortiz, Paul Hanley, Thomas Zimmerman, Donna Taylor Burgess, and Leroy James McKitrick. Apart from that there is art and prose pieces, as one would expect from a speculative magazine. it will be available as pdf soon, don't miss it. Here is the site. Grab the pdf later this week, I know I will.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Why vandalism?

Soon there'll be a new issue of Why vandalism? up, September's, which will include "when they were living" by me, then in October's issue there will be some more. Apparently I have a sort of fall feel. Here's last October's things be me, including one of many thousands of poems about Anne Sexton. On Why vandalism's excellent website is a free ebook by me too, "poems against Enlightenment" which is also linked over to the right. Do read it, like I say, it's free

I've started to really appreciate living in our cottage here, it's cool. Though cold in the mornings when I wake up. It means that I have a harder time writing mails though until we get internet fixed properly in a while. Just now I am using wireless, which really gets on my nerves.

I just put up a postbox anyway so when I get them I shall be posting reviews of Misti Rainwater-Lites' and Rob Plath's new collections from deadbeat press. Soon I shall be fetchign copies of my pushing lemmings and sending to anyone who wants to order, these can be ordered either by mailing me if you know the address, from erbacce at the link on the right, where you can also order the chapbook a hunger for mourning, or at PayPal below in this blog. Cadaver's dance is also on sale at Alibris at the link on the right or at Amazon, where it is often out of stock.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Poetic Diversity

There's a poem by me in the new issue of Poetic Diversity, Litzine of L.A. It's an interesting read as usual, always very good stuff in it, so check it out here. The bio is a little wrong though since the submission was very old.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eviscerator Heaven

I thought AJ Kaufmann's Eviscerator Heaven was no more, but now I see that a third issue is posted here, available as a free pdf. Things in it by me, Amanda Boschetto, Rob Plath, and many others. Worth a read, and very free.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lit Chaos

Just to say that after appearing in the 1st Lit Chaos print special, I have just had work taken for the next print issue, coming some time this winter. Until then you may read the excellent work at their online manifestation here, or buy issue one here.

It's got other good stuff apart from me.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Instant Pussy 6

There's an Instant Pussy with five by me on sale or freely downloadable here. Among the others we find Cindy Rosmus and Andrew taylor, many more too. The website is here for details of the millions of forthcoming Pussies and Misti Rainwater-Lites' own work, which I would seriously advise you to buy, so you don't feel like a twat when she's famous. I feel like pussy now, too.

Red Peter

Looks like some poems by me will be in Red Peter in November this year, which is cool. They are here and seem to be a really good place to be. Lot of quality stuff there already. So look out for them. I think they will have seven by me, mostly shortish, since most of my poems adhere to the five minute rule - anything that takes more than five minutes to do isn't worth doing, except for certain amatory practices.

In totally unrelated news, other things are going really well. I could excite a certain dubious stalker with some readers' wives tales about doing an enormously complex but ultimately very successful world emerge on my laptop, but I don't want him to ruin his laptop by enthusiastically rinsing it...

Zygote Abstract Anthology

The 2008 Zygote Abstract Anthology by Red Pulp is out now, there's poems in this great book by a huge number of people, apart from me Rob Plath, Karl Koweski and many others. It's truly excellent and can be ordered here. The one by me is another violent attack on the institution of psychiatry and the mythology of mental illness. Buy the book here. It's 128 pages long.

My poem in it is actually in the online zine Red Pulp used to do before they turned to anthology publishing full time. It, and five others, are here.

I can't recommend the book too highly, buy it, it shows that poetry isn't (just) some infantile hobby for effete aesthetes but a valid form of response to this fucked up fucking world.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lit Chaos print issue 1

I received my copy of the 1st print issue of Lit Chaos today, it's a great read and there are five by me in it too, also work by Jamnie Eyberg, Carmen Firan, J.D Nelson, Maurice Oliver, Cindy Rosmus, Marty Esworthy, Craig Sernotti, Gerorge Anderson, Papa Osmubal, Doug Draime, J.J. Deceglie, Daniel S. Irwin, Justin Hyde, Steve Ely, Julie Shapiro, Michael Fisher, Emme Hor, Aimee Delong, and Taylor Gorman. It's a great mag, like I said, and on sale here.

EDIT: Here's a trailer thing they did on YouTube... Click below

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Neon Beam 6

Just told that there will be three by me in the new sixth issue of the excellent NeonBeam. They are here and have an interview thing with me in issue five. Because issue six is the next issue that means that issue five is the current issue. (For the benefit of my wife.)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Macabre Cadaver

I found the name of a new speculative fiction entirely appropriate so submitted five poems which they just accepted for issue two in Septmeber. They are called Macabre Cadaver and they are here. They are online and pdf and a print version is forthcoming. Really cool work in the first issue, check it out.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

pushing lemmings

The second full-length by me, pushing lemmings, will apparently be arriving from the printers some time next week. It is already possible to advance order form erbacce here, there are 128 pages. Of this book, Misti Rainwater-Lites, femme fatale poet, has said

" David McLean has a true poet’s heart. There is not a smidgen of sentimentality to be found in McLean’s poems. Instead of cheapening life and love with maudlin clichés, David McLean shows the value of life and love by writing with brutally accurate observations and merciless truth. Art is subjective but truth is not. Like the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, David McLean cajoles and celebrates death realizing that the two are happily married.

In summer sun, one of my favorite poems not only from Pushing Lemmings or from David McLean but of anything I have ever read, McLean beautifully illustrates in just a few chilling lines that innocence and happiness are only for a season:

summer sun

summer sun children swim in the sea
they imagine they are happy
they imagine this is life
night in me sings a swimming winter shark to them
rises surfaces and strikes

Another favorite of mine is i want scales. Few poets can carry off misanthropy with the brilliance and style shown in these lines:

“i want scales on my body and fangs
and several suspicious sexual weapons
drowning policepeople in a murderous sea of semen”

David McLean is one of the most consistently brilliant poets I have ever had the pleasure to read. His poems are sap and bullshit free. They should be carved on tombstones."

Like I say the book is at the excellent erbacce press here for adavnce orders, it can also be ordered from me if you know me, and may even get odd marks on it. It's seven quid and the book by me I like best, so far.

Misti's books can be ordered from her blog, and I have reviewed several of them. Her blog is here with details of her huge crop of publications.

Two more books are around that you should buy. Said books are "angels in hell" by Amanda Boschetto and Rob Plaths's latest chapbook with the long title about "there's a little hobo in my heart." Rob's is on sale now and Amanda's in a few days here. Misti has reviewed Rob's and I probably will too soon, actually forgot to order the fucker...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am very pleased to be in the new horror compendium Necrography, the magazine of morbidity. The poem, Cadaver's meat, is one that may give young people useful tips if they are considering growing up to be sick fucks. The magazine is evidently going to be excellent and an overview of their project is here.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


One thing makes me happy, Amazon have finally said that my book Cadaver's dance is in stock again. But another makes me less happy, there's (again) only one copy left. Not sad exactly, just a little pissed off. It's here anyway.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clockwise Cat

There's a review of Misti Rainwater-Lites' "Dripping Milk" by me up at Clockwise Cat here. It's a book that I really think you should read, after reading the review then do buy it here at erbacce-press. There's also an excellent story in the issue by Pablo Vision, read it here.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sein und Werden

Looks like "and days remain" by yours truly is coming up in Sein und Werden's print apparition, and, apparently, "death's entrance" - in which I relate how I got one of those lovely Pulp Fiction injections in the old days, when amphetamines saved my life - in their virtuoso virtual version. (That's just not believing everything dealers tell me (which i do), but a doctor said it.) Anywho, Sein are here.

Apparently there will also be a review of my Cadaver's dance there too, a review penned by Rachel Kendall as far as I know. Buy that same book here at Alibris, the papery little bugger is still apparently out of stock at Amazon. Details of Rachel's own excellent work can be found at Sein und Werden's Kiss the Witch site linked above.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mirrors Magazine

Delighted to say that two poems by me will be in the inaugaral issue of Mirrors Magazine - "my missing fingers" and "cats are perfectly aware." They are here and will be well worth reading. They want poems that convey real feeling or real awareness of aspects of the world .