Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Poems against Enlightenment

Poems against Enlightenment was the title of a manuscript I sent to Why vandalism? as an e-chapbook submission and that is evidently accepted they tell me today. Should be done soon I suppose. Even i must concede that some of it is on the strong side, if not pure undiluted evil. But I'm a wicked human being. And at least I know I am, though I probably shouldn't be rather pleased about it. Why vandalism? is generally speaking an excellent magazine and is here.

Also, I may not have mentioned earlier, but I am the new "regular review dude" at Clockwise Cat which is here. Their next issue is coming soon with a variety of intensely contradictory poems by me about religion. (Like Ginsberg, i contain multiplicities.) And a review by me of Marie Lecrivain's Nihilistic Foibles and Saltworks by Graeme Perrin. Both excellent books. In the current Clockwise Cat are a couple of reviews of my chapbook at Lulu and they are here. To save you the trouble of reading them they encourage you to buy the fucker. You can do that here.