Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rain over Bouville

A bit of shameless unselfish promotion. The litzine Rain over Bouville, run by Humphrey Astley, is here. It's a great mag and I'm in the current issue. The next issue will be an art issue, with pics of stuff. Included will be Curt Bylund, a very gifted painter, whom i have nagged about submitting to various magazines after his recent successful exhibition in Stockholm. His blog is here. Though it is written in some strange language, I can assure the reader that it contains many great pics and the text is largely disjointed ramblings about his need to "get even," and why Picasso undeservedly stole attention from him.

The issue after that will include a couple of poems by my troublesome appendage, Amanda Boschetto. I think that will be her sixth appearance online or in print.

So be sure to catch the next two issues of this fine publication.