Friday, March 14, 2008

Erbacce Link

Here is a direct link to my sales page at Erbacce-Press. It is very nicely done I think and I'm quite content with the chapbook's content now. The press did a very good and swift job of it, it looks nice, but for a while I didn't care for the poems I had submitted, this on general principles since I don't like things after a couple of weeks. But now I've forgotten them and I think they're quite good. Obviously they are fairly outrageous and perverse in places, it being me what wrote, like, and there is some cussin', though not anything like to my maximum ability to cuss, and they may seem nihilist. But I'm actually quite positive in many ways. And I believe there's a poem there that wishes everyone in Kallhäll very well, which disproves that I am always negative about Sweden.