Monday, March 17, 2008

Lit Chaos 6 poems

Another issue of the excellent Lit Chaos, volume 3, issue 34, has arrived, with 6 poems by me at the link here. There are other excellent poems there by Rob Plath, as well as many other talented folk. I just noticed that looking for details of forthcoming anthologies I'll be in and trying to find out when I'll be getting them.

I heard yesterday that there will be five by me in the Clockwise Cat after next, issue nine. The eighth issue is out soon and there are five by me in that one too.

Both the above magazines own and rock fat, to indulge in a little Swedlish or Swinglish, depending on where you're from.

And don't forget your free download from Why vandalism of my e-chap here. And don't forget to support the small press by buying an inexpensive copy of the first print Neon Beam here. $6.81 is very little, and I know that only rich people read this blog.