Sunday, March 16, 2008

free chapbook - "poems against Enlightenment"

Now it's up at Why vandalism? "poems against Enlightenment" is here. I'm very pleased with it, they did a very nice job.

Their chapbooks page is here, the other book there, "Concrete and Calligram" by Chris Major is very interesting. I don't always like concrete poetry, it's pretty obviously antithetical to what I do, and is obviously parasitical upon the semantics it reacts against. But I like this collection very much. It's very radical and has a nice cat in it. Concrete poetry often seems to be without a message, a cognitive content, not so in this case. It's often funny and always thought-provoking. Oddly enough some things referenced in this chapbook, anorexia and self harm, appear in mine too. I mean, why vandalise bodies, at least if they're yours?

"Why vandalism?" live up to their mission. I look forward to seeing the future releases they will post there round April or earlier.