Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shakespeare's Monkeys

I just received five copies of the new Shakespeare's Monkeys Review. There's a poem by me about Sylvia Plath, which makes about twenty about the damn woman, about half of which are published, irritatingly enough. And there's one by Misti Rainwater Lites which is damn excellent, as always. Featured writer is David Hirt, who is excellent too, though his religious views are not mine, one can safely say.

It is on sale here. I think you should buy it, hypothetical and presumably counterfactual reader. Now I have to give away a few copies.

Also told there will be one very short, and, I think, very quite OK, poem by me in Right Hand Pointing in about a week, their cool magazine, devoted to shorter poems, is here. After ordering you to spend money, I graciously point a link to a free read, and one, at present, not even containing stuff by me.