Monday, June 30, 2008

Instant Pussy & Heroin Love Songs

After the two in the mail two mags came by messenger. (It makes you feel important and loved.) One is the stupendous pornopoetry rag Instant Pussy numero dos. There are five by me, two by Amanda Boschetto, and many by such luminaries and/or pigs as Puma Perl, Leigh Bruiser Pierce, w.alt burns, Juliet Cook, Dylan Macturk, Craig Sernotti, Kami, Jack T. Marlowe Matt Finney, Kristi Swadley, Amelie Florence, Bro. Vic, Thamyris Jones, and, last but not least, Andrew Taylor. Buy or download for free here.

And then Heroin Love Songs, a lot of poetry there, in particular me, of course, but even Puma Perl, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Lester Allen, Craig Sernotti, Thamyris Jones, Amanda Boschetto, George Wallace, Simon Philbrook, and, the highlight of the issue, one of Pablo Vision's absolute best shorts. Lots of other great poets, it can be ordered here and should be. Just a pity Jack Henry didn't include any of his own work. I've heard otherwise too, bit I think it looks nice and it's only $5.73 here at Lulu. There's a free download too, and it's online as well, equally free, here, poems by me here. I can recommend like fuck Pablo's piece "breaking the boy" here.


Just received my NeonBeam issue 5. There's an interview with me and two poems by me. Also a great and weird short story by the king of the perverts Pablo Vision, the issue's highlight, and a piece by Sammi Leng. Plus of course many other great stories and poems. Get a free pdf here. Or even better buy it here, it's a lovely production and only a trifle over $6. Sammi does first rate magazines. It's a pleasure to hold in your hands and read. Pictures of me too, so don't get it wet.

And also I got my copy of Pretty Red Berries by the brilliant poet Misti Rainwater-Lites, buy that sucker here and read my review here. She is going to be huge - and not just from all the tacos and burritos.

And I must again mention that Whistling Shade did a great job with my first full length Cadaver's dance, that book can, and should, be bought at at this link, or at Alibris here if it's out of stock at Amazon.

Not to forget a pretty good collection by me at Lulu with around 100 poems, and people have said there are no obvious faults with my layout etc. This is a button below here. It's reviewed by Misti here.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Outsider Writers

Just heard that three things by me will be featured by Outsider Writers some time in July. That's great because they are obviously an excellent place to be. Their website is here.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ten poems about East Asia - Ralph-Michael Chiaia

Ten Poems about East Asia and Kitsch Nebula Ampersands and
Ralph-Michael Chiaia
Coatalism Press 2008

Though Chiaia is an experimental writer, some of the work here seems timeless, the poems about East Asia, like Lian Penang, ending with the separate observation “An old Malay, he fishes” and Kula Lumpur with the presence of religion in the two short verses both ending “The Imam sings.” They are full of observation that lets you feel the essence of the place, and a regret too, for the violence and the decay of the ancient, the escape of traditional values “How could Malaysia let it get away?” I can read poems about the UK, where i lived the first 27 years of my life and think, “Where is this place? Who are these people?.” But in Chiaia's East Asia poems one believes one knows. The language is elegant and English but smells like Asia.

The second half, “Kitsch Nebula Ampersands and” is much weirder and heavier, it includes several conversations between a person and a mushroom about access to said person's Central Nervous System, and this is appropriate, these are hallucinatory poems but full of acerbic wit, broad humor, and a certain exile's nostalgia for the homeland that may or may not exist. There's a rude Ode to Americans, an exquisite Ode to Ampersands, and, my favorite in this second part, a brilliant two part Daiku (death haiku) that ends

butterfly slain here
beside raped caterpillar

This is a book you need, it's great poetry, it's very worth reading.

Get it at Amazon at this link.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cherrypicked Hands

The first ever issue of Cherrypicked Hands is up at last with one poem by me in it. Though they managed to spell my name wrong in one place, right in another, probably a tribute to my delicious complexity. The issue is here and includes some excellent stuff, including a poem by Simon Philbrook, poems by Richard Wink, a story by Luis Cuauhtemoc-Berriozabal and, the issue's highlight of course, a piece by that sick bastard Pablo Vision who really complains about the delightful futility of our nasty lives.

The The

Happy to say that Craig Sernotti at the the The has just posted three things by me at their site here. The The has some very impressive work listed there and I'm pleased to be there. They have most of the poets I tend to read.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mademoiselle's Fingertips

A short poem by me will be in Mademoiselle's fingertips here, in the summer 2008 issue, and they will be doing a print issue too, which is always cool. I'm pretty sure they will do an excellent issue, the poem - "piñatas" - is one that I like. So if that's the sort of stuff they like, I think they, with a very high degree of probability, will rock.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Static Movment and alibris

I just heard that one poem by me will be in the July issue of Static Movement here. Excellent magazine with a lot of first class work in it.

Also happy to see that it is now possible to buy Cadaver's dance online at Alibris here. It will appear on Amazon in a day or two. It ships from the USA on Alibris but only costs 72 crowns, I see, according to a search I did. It will be on the versions of Amazon and Alibris soon but it's just as easy to order from the states. In the USA i beklieve it comes out as $11 on Alibris, though the price is $12 really. I shall receive copies soon that people who know me can order from me. (Soon is obviously relative to mail from the US to Sweden.)

Very nice write up from Jack Henry here.

The ISBN is


Pleased to have two poems accepted by Trespass - "morality - falling apart" and "the visible dead." Copies can be ordered here. Don't know which issue exactly, shall say when my copy comes. I am pretty pleased to be in there, here's what they say of themselves: Trespass Magazine is a bimonthly arts and literary magazine brought to you by the publishers of The London Magazine (started by T.S. Elliot). This is a classy, beautifully designed magazine packed with the most dangerous and exciting poetry, art, short fiction and music. We also deal with complex issues of sexuality and have regular articles on alternative lifestyles and sexualities. Ian McMillan, Patience Agbabi, Patrick Chapman, Tom Chivers are just some of the amazing contributors. Our concept: "Without contraries (there) is no progression." -William Blake. Trespass Magazine exists to draw out the greys in the shades between any kind of contrast, between good and evil, the prostitute and the saint, beauty and despair, and re-imagining them in colour. Whether the content is sexual, puritanical or merely deals with the gap between good taste and good sense, we will enter into the forbidden and make the illicit our common ground. Innovators, iconoclasts and outcasts will find a platform here. The magazine is all about breaking the rules...or embracing them.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Really happy to have a poem accepted for Awen, coming next October in fact, 2009 when I am very very ancient - "and evil" it's called. You can order the current which has me and Dylan Garcia-Wahl - lots of other excellent stuff too - in it here, and there's an online version too here.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Oak Bend Review

The first issue of Oak bend Review is up here.

Many excellent poems including ones by me, Rob Plath, and Jack Henry.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eviscerator Heaven

Great first issue of A.J. Kufmann's Eviscerator Heaven up here. Poems by me, Amanda Boschetto, Jack Henry, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Rob Plath, Puma Perl, Lester Allen, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Karl Koweski, Craig Sernotti, Si Philbrook and many more.

Free download as pdf, very nicely done.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pretty Red Berries - Misti Rainwater-Lites

Review Pretty Red Berries
Misti Rainwater-Lites
Buy at Lulu

This is one of Misti Rainwater-Lites' books she put together herself, as a foretaste of the two forthcoming full lengths she has in the pipeline, and it's a big bastard. It's begin reviewed on the basis of a doc file since the post is so slow and I am in Thule.

There are classic MR-W lines here, very tasty, like

On the Virgin Mary postcard I scribbled that God is spitting in my cunt soup and pissing in my sea of free. I am free like any big tit turquoise tress sailor tease mermaid.

Classic elements are here like the Evan Stone obsession, and an obsession like a lingering touch over icons of seedy American pop culture, the attributes of a Lites poem, bands and bidets, the whole measured immesurability of the enumerated candies and perversities that constitute life today.

The emptiness in Misti's poems is the void that probably hangs out in palaces as much a sin trailers, but it is sometimes filled in trailers, if not in palaces, with a lot of love – this is from a poem to her ankle-biter Jackson:

someday you will hate me, I know
for loving you too much
or not nearly enough
for showing pictures of you in bunny ears
and a diaper
to whoever makes your tummy flop
for not being the one who can save you
from anonymous motel room
empty vodka bottle agony
my womb could only hold you
for nine months
and that is
never enough
but today you love me
because I am the first face
you see
when you cry for comfort
and I am the bearer of bottles
and teething tablets
and toys that make funny noises
today our love is perfect
in its fullness
and I hope someday the old man you
will somehow remember the baby you
wrapped up in an imperfect woman’s

Lots of the book are raw like life is, there are very cool sex poems, since fucking is only gross when properly executed, and i notice that she has dead voyeurs too

voyeurs make me exceedingly nervous.
especially the ones i cannot see.
i am talking about ghosts.
i can smell them.
what scares me
is that they
can smell me

The point of the book is that there's not enoughs sunshine for all of us, but the insanity and the misery, the frenzied cunt-hunting and drink and drugs are at least a distraction, they are keeping your ghoulish mind alive, it's not heaven but it's fine for a few decades, then you die. Misti is not actually negative about this, the darkest parts are those that reflect the religion that suckered her for a while.

In conclusion, Misti at one point asks us “categorize my poems” - that's easy, they're fucking masterpieces.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Clockwise Cat

There'll be five poems by me in issue eleven of Clockwise Cat later this summer. In the next issue, ten, I have five poems and I shall be writing a review of Leonard Cohen's concert in Helsingborg. The zine is here.

Off Beat Pulp

There's a poem by me in the new Off Beat Pulp up here.

Seems an excellent magazine, so i have to forgive them for using Flash.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Instant Pussy Tres

Six things by me are cumming in the Pussy for the third time, and the pussy is Instant, like its answer time. It's a MySpacious Pussy here. Editor's website and Instant Pussy's blog is here.

It has opened for submissions from various cocks before, and the progeny of those openings, copiously seeded by me and many other studs (not to forget to parenthetically mention our prosthetically seeding sisters) are on sale here and here, the little sluts. They're such sluts you can not only buy them (hard copy) but they give themselves to you for nothing, but only virtually, as various insalubrious and poxy pixels.

Submit and be the Pussy's bitches!

Heroin Love Songs

The new issue of Heroin Love Songs is up, the first issue I mean. There are pieces by me and several others - no particular order, just the order of my noticing them while scrolling distractedly - Amanda Boschetto, Pablo Vision, Puma Perl, Rob Plath Misti Rainwater-Lites, Pablo Vision, Leigh Pierce, Craig Sernotti, Lester Allen, Thamyris Jones. It can be read here or ordered on paper here very inexpensively, or downloaded as a free pdf, though most people may be like me and really dislike pdfs.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Neon Beam interview etc

There's a new interview and pics of me in the fifth issue of the excellent Neon beam as a free download at their site which is here. The mag also includes a great piece by Pablo Vision, a piece by Sammi Leng herself. as well as poems by that nasty atheist who hates nature, Rob Plath. I even list my favorite living poets in the interview. And get compared with Shane, which is much less gay than getting compared with Bukowski.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fast Pussy Dos

Nothing about Butters here, he's a good kid, but Misti Rainwater-Lites has just posted Instant Pussy dos at Lulu here, it's a free download and a fine color magazine that is less free and, in fact, even costs money. Includes five poems by me and two by Amanda Boschetto. Poems by many others, including Puma Perl, Thamyris Jones, w.alt burns, Leigh "Bruiser" Pierce, and Jack T. Marlowe.

You know you want pussy, motherfuckers, so pay for it! It's moist from the presses and waiting for you to part the trembling covers and plunge in. Read it hard!

Lit Up

Happy to say four poems just posted by me in the new section of Lit Up magazine. Including one about my absolute stone cold hero. Leopold Butters Stotch. Now it's time to watch Butters' very own episode to celebrate.

edit: The poems are now part of the normal magazine here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lit Chaos

The good people at the excellent Literary Chaos have taken five poems for their print issue which is coming soon. It can be ordered from their website. until now read the excellent online issue 37, free of me, which is here.

Heroin Love Songs

A new blog Journal, Heroin Love Songs, has just taken 3 things I sent them. Jack Henry is doing it so it's bound to be excellent. It's here with submission info etc.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gloom Cupboard 41

Delighted to say that I'm next to Puma Perl in issue 41 of Gloom Cupboard here. Great issue as always.

Kill Poet

There's one up in the new issue five of Kill Poet. It's here, and the issue is as always a great issue of a really good magazine

Monday, June 9, 2008

Brown Bagazine / Gypsy Daughter

Just to mention a great magazine who will apparently be taking some stuff later. Brown bagazine are here, and their themes for issue open as pdf here. Guidelines are at their website. Seems to be a great magazine and well worth supporting.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Calliope Nerve again

Delighted to say that Matt Black at Calliope Nerve also took five pieces I sent him for future use in Calliope Nerve. It's yet another example of how modern technology has enriched the poetry world. Support them if you can by buying stuff at Amazon from the links they have at their blog here.

Calliope Nerve

Just received a copy of Calliope Nerve. Info about getting this excellent thing for free by email is here. It's sold out in print. A few short and rather odd things by me in it. Lots of poems by others that are a lot better though.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pocket Change

Delighted to have one of my stone cold favorites by me accepted for a new magazine Pocket Change. They are here and coming in August. I mention Oasis, ecstasy, Amy Winehouse and South Park in it, all my favorite things. No booze though. Coffee on the other hand.

New anthology

There's a new poem, one of my favorites by me, quite long too, in the anthology of down in the dirt's first six 2008 issues. The poem is in January's issue that can be viewed here. The book, Decrepit remains, can be ordered or downloaded here reasonably cheaply or bought more expensively, also at Lulu, as hardback. Rob Plath is in it too, with many others.

Friday, June 6, 2008

I got Pussy in the post

Very pleased to receive my copy of Instant Pussy one in the post. It's a really nice looking magazine, very professionally done by the Überpussy Rainwater-Lites and containing some fucking excellent poetry by the likes of me, Jack Henry, Amanda Boschetto, Rob Plath, and many other luminaries of the perverse press world.

You can download your pussy for free or purchase it here at Lulu.

There is an absolutely extraordinary she-male too, for some reason attached to an advert for d/e/a/d/b/e/a/t press. Jack gets so many more things published after the surgery.

Check the press here. Many books to buy there.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blue Fifth Review

Just received a very welcome acceptance by The Blue Fifth Review. Excellent magazine and they are here.

Gold Dust Poetry

Happy to get a hat-trick with Gold Dust Poetry. They will have, in issue 13, a poem by Amanda about me and one by me which is very angry about sea shells, for some reason,

Buy them here.

Gloom Cupboard

One spanking new poem coming in Gloom Cupboard 41. For now they can be viewed here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Happy to just have one posted in the excellent zine WORD SLAW. Read it here.

Richard Wick - The Magnificent Guffaw

"The Magnificent Guffaw”
chapbook by Richard Wink
ISBN 978-0-955754-8-8
review by David McLean

This, I believe, is Richard Wink's third chapbook and it is truly exceptional. The language and poetic maturity is that of someone older than Richard actually is, he's just a lad in his mid-twenties, but reminds me at least of a middle-aged Larkin facing futility with the equanimity of desperation and a hangover.

The poems are the sort of perfect slice of reality poems that feel like noticing something in a club at about two am and feeling suddenly soberer and wise, though all epiphanies are tangential and don't remain. I write this listening to Winehouse and nursing a beer hangover, and the poems suit that mood, though they are much more incisive and much more “poetic” than that observation may lead one to expect -

Two weeks ago I went on an anti-war march.
I gave up halfway because my legs were tired,
Took the tube down to Camden and bought myself a nice bullet belt”

I know what he means, though when I went to Camden in the eighties it was to buy bootleg cassettes and things at Camden Lock Market. Bullet belts were trendy then, too.

These are poems written to give a clear perspective on what we tend to call our lives, Everyman nowadays, looking half-heartedly for drugs they might synthesize in a few decades. Waiting for the innocence of meaning to shoot a hole in the veins of night. The poems reference a lot of pop culture, though not too strictly English in the sense that they would be obscure to an American. Clint Eastwood is there as well as Suede. They concern everything from having a wank to being irritated by vacuous coke-heads, and they touch on Richard's insecurity about his dancing, his body, his character, doing so in a way that people can relate to if they aren't arrogant tossers - He might well not want arrogant tossers to relate to them.

A lot of the motivation behind this book, he tells me, and it is apparent, is to critique the sort of lives people live when some of our fellow hominids seriously consider that people like Jordan and Peter André are human beings too, and not only that, interesting human beings whose lives somehow enrich ours. (Those who read my poems may be surprised that I even know who these people are. Well i don't, I saw them on TV, expressed contempt, and was told why i was right.)

I tell this story to the lazy
Who start life like foals
Flung from one year to the next
Without the depth of soul
Or the tools needed for fixation”

The poems are about finding balance among missed opportunities and absences, being able to negotiate life, climb over the invisible dead bodies on the pavement, and nevertheless be able to sit down to eat dinner and forget it a few minutes. Or that's what I say they are about.

The last poem is worthy of special note. It's pretty obviously about his parents, and ends in a note of restrained optimism that expresses something I think is important.

Tears form when I watch you struggle
Long hours of nothing but dirty dishes
And factory lines
Running hand in hand
Openly blind

When I get the chance to pay you back in riches
And for all my thoughts I will remain hesitant forever I'm sure
But do not despair
For I am on the path and that has to be worth something I'm sure”

I think it's worth something too, though I don't know why. The anacoluthon at the start of the last stanza expresses it perfectly, the transfer then to the still hesitant sense of certainty which is confident but almost questions itself rather than affirming itself by the “I'm sure” makes this a truly exquisite poem his parents are probably very justifiably pleased by.

All in all this chapbook is very worth the four quid it costs. Buy it and support the independent press at The direct link to the sales page is here.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Alan Corkish - Bum-Rap

chapbook by Alan Corkish
ISBN 978-0-9555754-1-9
erbacce-press 2007

This is the first chapbook produced by Liverpool poet Alan Corkish. He says that these are poems for him, poems designed to satisfy him, his own favorites. Luckily for him, I think his tastes may well match the taste of other readers than me.

Alan is very varied in the sort of subjects with which he deals here. The book contains some exquisite nature poems and very well-done love poems, though love poems in general tend to be tacky, not so Alan's. And there are, perhaps most notably, a few politically very committed pieces, including a few where religion gets what it deserves, very much according to my personal predilections, of course.

I was actually, being very cultured, totally unaware of the existence of this Felix Dennis person whom Alan takes delight in savaging. I must say that I'm sorry that curiosity made me read a couple of this person's poems on the Internet.

My favorite would have to be “the sea of absolute vanity” where Corkish leads through a Biblically presented list of our vanities to a conclusion that life is totally meaningless, a conclusion belied by a grinning fish in the artwork under. And yet the nature poems give life a worth, the last poem implying a Sisyphean acceptance of the fundamental emptiness and a will to persist at least a few tomorrows more. Interestingly, this and several poems in the collection reveal an attentive awareness of Shakespeare.

To live with the meaninglessness we need to pay attention to details and delight in them. This Corkish does in poems such as “Ainsdale forest” and others here -

This stillness is as empty
as the space between atoms
as vacant as worn pews
in a deserted church”

- And even to delight in the play of human relations, which he does with humor that varies from bittersweet to ribald to acerbic, depending on the deserts of the relationship.

The most moving poems here are about death, the pointlessness and unfairness of death as in

the child's passing
was as pointless
as that of the dull grey
bone gaunt pigeon
that lies now on the
litter strewn rail-track
on exactly the same spot
where the child died”

The collection really includes a whole array of levels and topics, the profoundest regret and sorrowful nostalgia, as in “father,” to the tenderest emotion, as in “Good Friday 2006.” Corkish holds back excesses of sentimentality pretty well and stops at the effective, and he avoids being holier than thou when he is being politically correct. I mean, what's wrong with PC really, when it's not holier than thou?

All in all, this book, which is on sale at erbacce at their website, is excellent. Buy the book, it's really worth the effort. And really, don't annoy the fucker – you wouldn't want a poem like “Felix Dennis UK Poetry Tour” to be about you.

Cause and Effect/ Decanto

Just recieved issue eight of Cause and Effect. Proud and happy to be featured next to Puma Perl, many other talented poets in the thing, including Justin Hyde, buy it here.

Also received Decanto's June issue with poems by me, the hugely talented AD Winans, Michale Lee Johnson, and Dylan Garcia-Wahl. Buy that one here.

You know you should.

Kill Poet

Very pleased to hear that I will be back in Kill Poet when issue five is up in about a week. Until then you can read their current issue which is here. I'm not in it so it's very selfless of me to say that. There's a lot of good shit there.