Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Static Movment and alibris

I just heard that one poem by me will be in the July issue of Static Movement here. Excellent magazine with a lot of first class work in it.

Also happy to see that it is now possible to buy Cadaver's dance online at Alibris here. It will appear on Amazon in a day or two. It ships from the USA on Alibris but only costs 72 crowns, I see, according to a search I did. It will be on the versions of Amazon and Alibris soon but it's just as easy to order from the states. In the USA i beklieve it comes out as $11 on Alibris, though the price is $12 really. I shall receive copies soon that people who know me can order from me. (Soon is obviously relative to mail from the US to Sweden.)

Very nice write up from Jack Henry here.

The ISBN is