Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The South Will Rise Again (Like That Jesus Faggot)

The South Will Rise again (Like That Jesus faggot)
Chapbook from Catalyst Press
Authors: Matt Finney, Misti Rainwater-Lites

This chapbook is likely to be somewhat controversial in the eyes of the overly PC. The only open indication that the content is not meant as sexist racist homophobe rantings (apart from the reader not being completely stupid) is the title page calling them “Southern fried irony rich poems.” The protagonists are the redneck selves that their upbringing presumably called on the writers to adopt. The sort of folks I've largely seen on the Springer show – like the UK giving football fans permission to leave the country it's always amazed me that the USA allows its talk shows to be sold abroad.

But these two are the sort of people who redeem the stupidity of (some of) their fellows by wallowing for a few pages in the patriotic misunderstood Christianity of these people we marvel at on cable TV here.

A lot of the poems end exquisitely, Finney's being very noteworthy here, while Rainwater-Lites, as usual, writes acerbically but with a larger-than-life breadth to the perversity and humanness of her linguistic creation – but many times you are going to have to read the name at the end to know who wrote what.

Generally speaking, you can't parody people who hate “niggers” and “faggots” without using the words - sorry Oprah – and these poets, most explicitly Matt Finney, are concerned with the impossibility of escape from “white trash birthmarks” -

if I pushed this baby
to 180
the highway would never end
this place wouldn't
let my ass go

But the way to escape it is perhaps to live through it and show it for what it is – and that's exactly what they do. Buy the book at Lulu here.