Thursday, August 14, 2008

pushing lemmings

The second full-length by me, pushing lemmings, will apparently be arriving from the printers some time next week. It is already possible to advance order form erbacce here, there are 128 pages. Of this book, Misti Rainwater-Lites, femme fatale poet, has said

" David McLean has a true poet’s heart. There is not a smidgen of sentimentality to be found in McLean’s poems. Instead of cheapening life and love with maudlin clich├ęs, David McLean shows the value of life and love by writing with brutally accurate observations and merciless truth. Art is subjective but truth is not. Like the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, David McLean cajoles and celebrates death realizing that the two are happily married.

In summer sun, one of my favorite poems not only from Pushing Lemmings or from David McLean but of anything I have ever read, McLean beautifully illustrates in just a few chilling lines that innocence and happiness are only for a season:

summer sun

summer sun children swim in the sea
they imagine they are happy
they imagine this is life
night in me sings a swimming winter shark to them
rises surfaces and strikes

Another favorite of mine is i want scales. Few poets can carry off misanthropy with the brilliance and style shown in these lines:

“i want scales on my body and fangs
and several suspicious sexual weapons
drowning policepeople in a murderous sea of semen”

David McLean is one of the most consistently brilliant poets I have ever had the pleasure to read. His poems are sap and bullshit free. They should be carved on tombstones."

Like I say the book is at the excellent erbacce press here for adavnce orders, it can also be ordered from me if you know me, and may even get odd marks on it. It's seven quid and the book by me I like best, so far.

Misti's books can be ordered from her blog, and I have reviewed several of them. Her blog is here with details of her huge crop of publications.

Two more books are around that you should buy. Said books are "angels in hell" by Amanda Boschetto and Rob Plaths's latest chapbook with the long title about "there's a little hobo in my heart." Rob's is on sale now and Amanda's in a few days here. Misti has reviewed Rob's and I probably will too soon, actually forgot to order the fucker...