Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sein und Werden

Looks like "and days remain" by yours truly is coming up in Sein und Werden's print apparition, and, apparently, "death's entrance" - in which I relate how I got one of those lovely Pulp Fiction injections in the old days, when amphetamines saved my life - in their virtuoso virtual version. (That's just not believing everything dealers tell me (which i do), but a doctor said it.) Anywho, Sein are here.

Apparently there will also be a review of my Cadaver's dance there too, a review penned by Rachel Kendall as far as I know. Buy that same book here at Alibris, the papery little bugger is still apparently out of stock at Amazon. Details of Rachel's own excellent work can be found at Sein und Werden's Kiss the Witch site linked above.