Monday, September 15, 2008

Neon Beam Six

So, it's that time of the month, or the quarter, and Neon Beam, is out. Number six includes many names I recognize, I'll mention three, Pablo Vision, Rob Plath, Felino Soriano, and me. There's a free pdf, as usual, and a link to Lulu, which, for your clicking convenience, I also put here. Do buy Neon Beam. It's a lovely zine. Buy issue five too, there's an interview with, and naked pics of, me, and it's here.

Here's the full list, prose by
John Oliver Hodges, Gillian Taber, Christopher Nosnibor, Michael Ray Laemmle, Pablo Vision, Christian Roberts, Adrian Ludens, Kevin P. Keating.

And so called poems, which is a sort of writing very like prose with enthusiastic line breaks, by Gary Beck, Darryl Salach, Joseph Reich, Patience Wieland, Geoff Stevens, Jack Henry, James S. Wilk, David McLean, Rob Plath, Felino Soriano, Ernest Williamson III, Robert S. King.

Also an interview with Gregory L. Hall