Monday, September 8, 2008

Whistling Shade

I just received the summer 2008 Whistling Shade, a poem by me in it here, one of many I have written about Anne Sexton, for some reason. It is indeed the magazine by the same people who published my first book, which also contains at least one poem about dead Anne, and you can order this mantelpiece here at Alibris or at Amazon, who are here, or even direct from WS Press here, with good old PayPal, the safe way to pay online. They have three other books on sale right now, too.

Whistling Shade is free around the Twin cities, and if you want a copy you can order four copies for only eight dollars if you live elsewhere in Ye Olde Great Satan. Details here. I would do so since they have good work in there, plus very entertaining columns by Dylan Garcia-Wahl, Joel van Valin, and others.