Monday, September 1, 2008

Why vandalism?

Soon there'll be a new issue of Why vandalism? up, September's, which will include "when they were living" by me, then in October's issue there will be some more. Apparently I have a sort of fall feel. Here's last October's things be me, including one of many thousands of poems about Anne Sexton. On Why vandalism's excellent website is a free ebook by me too, "poems against Enlightenment" which is also linked over to the right. Do read it, like I say, it's free

I've started to really appreciate living in our cottage here, it's cool. Though cold in the mornings when I wake up. It means that I have a harder time writing mails though until we get internet fixed properly in a while. Just now I am using wireless, which really gets on my nerves.

I just put up a postbox anyway so when I get them I shall be posting reviews of Misti Rainwater-Lites' and Rob Plath's new collections from deadbeat press. Soon I shall be fetchign copies of my pushing lemmings and sending to anyone who wants to order, these can be ordered either by mailing me if you know the address, from erbacce at the link on the right, where you can also order the chapbook a hunger for mourning, or at PayPal below in this blog. Cadaver's dance is also on sale at Alibris at the link on the right or at Amazon, where it is often out of stock.