Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Clockwise Cat

Yay! The new Cockwise Pussy is up with five poems by me here. Congratulations to Alison Ross again for another excellent issue. Also stuff by Amanda Boschetto, Puma Perl, A.J. Kaufmann, Felino Sorano and many many others.

Then there's a hat trick of reviews by me of Alan Corkish's Bum Rap here, Rob Plath's There's a little hobo in my heart here and Misti Rainwater-Lites' Pretty Red Berries here.

There's a link there to Rob's sellers. Misti's book is here, and Alan's is on sale here. I really recommend all these books. All their other stuff too. Alan and Rob need wine and Misti needs diapers and other stuff. Buy them, buy mine, and buy angels in hell by Boschetto. I have a couple of new books arranged next year too, so start saving and fuck X-mas, mofos.