Monday, November 3, 2008

the dead living girl - forthcoming chapbook

Everybody must love the film The Living Dead Girl? Once I watched it while simultaneously reading Verlaine's collected - this resulted in me writing a thing, twenty odd poems, called the dead living girl. Only the title poem has been published, in Zygote in my Coffee, this poem is still here, though the zine has since folded they still have the website up.

Now Shadow Archer Press, publishers of the first rate Fissure mag, are going to do a limited edition signed and numbered copy of the whole thing. I'm dead chuffed about that since I love the film, and the poems I did I quite like too. I mean, any film Rob Zombie likes must be great. His The Devil's Rejects is one of the few that comes close to it.

Anyway, Shadow Archer Press are here, they have lots of chapbooks by other poets on offer there, buy something. Buy a copy of Fissure if you can, the new issue, very sensibly, includes two by me.

Poor Catherine, she was dead and her girlfriend wouldn't let her be dead. She had to feast on all these people.