Friday, November 28, 2008

The Exuberant Ashtray

Notorious degenerate Rob Plath just picked a fag butt out of the smelly ashtray that is my computer and will stick it in his Exuberant Ashtray, a blogzine thing he has decided to start, this ashtray is in need of cleaning here, and he coughs up a phlegmatic blob in it about himself here, if you want to taste his nicotine.

Rob's own poetry rocks pretty hard, and I'm sure the zine will rule. Though he's a lazy douche. Looking forward to his book.

On a happy note, young Lucas has gone over two days without a single accident. Not bad for an eight week old puppy. The cats don't mind him. He will start a puppy blogzine himself - "The well shat-in tasty kitty litter tray." He dreams of it, the cats are crapping in trays on shelves now.