Friday, November 14, 2008

the lesion that is the ego

Well, about my not noticing things, I missed two issues of Poetry Repairs, one is easily one of my favorite poems by me, really weird shit about Sid Vicious, Curt and Courtney, Lacan, Hegel, and the authenticated medieval divine prepuces of Jesus, it is here and I love it though it is, in a profound sense of the word, crap, and sucks monkey balls, but effortlessly.

The other one includes me, yet again, nicking the trumpetings of the prophet Yeats. That one is here. By the way, Poetry Re-pairs is a really great site to read to get a little inspiration, to get the old emulative instinct flowing. Yeats much better poem is on the same page, but he's dead and I'm still sort of living, so fuck him.