Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cadaver's dance & pushing lemmings

Just to encourage the reader to but a copy of Cadaver's dance, there are links to reviews and a little blurb at the publishers here, it's the perfect Xmas prezzy for a necrophiliac or plain old ghoul. It's at Amazon here. And reviewed here. It's $12 plus Amazon's postage fees which I believe are very reasonable.

There's also a new chapbook La morte vivante at Shadow Archer Press, you can read blurbs/reviews and buy for only $5 plus 2 postage here.

Also at Erbacce Press a longer (128 pp) and perhaps slightly better book, pushing lemmings, which is here, along with my first print chapbook a hunger for mourning, and a signed copy of pushing lemmings can be had from me via PayPal below. It's £6.95 plus whatever postage is. So to hell with hamsters, kittens, puppies, and rats, buy yourself a lemming for Xmas, keep it safe from Walt Disney though.