Friday, December 19, 2008

Xmas shopping tips

Since the word "Christian" and the word "cretin" are etymologically connected in that the old French thought, observing cretins, "These fuckers are just like X-ians" I thought that I would see just how suggestible people are. A famous Swedish bishop, drunk and high as a fucking kite, but nevertheless obviously massively erect, just mumbled to me through his cold cocaine lips, spattered with a healthy dose of non-human ejaculate, "If the fuckers swallow your gibberish there's no knowing what they might swallow, Dog willing."

So, I command you to buy a signed book "pushing lemmings" direct from me. (PayPal thing below or to the left.) The panties of Christ compel you to buy a copy of Cadaver's dance at Amazon. If you don't buy a copy of La morte vivante at Shadow Archer Press then a dead dyke will eat your face.

Don't say i didn't warn you. Catherine is peckish and Jebus is always horny.