Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Clockwise Cat XII

Delighted to be able to say Clockwise Cat XII is up, there are five poems by me here and there's a review of my pushing lemmings by Pablo Vision here, see previous blog for details of how to buy it.

There are also some reviews by me, one a magazine review of Sein und Werden here, one of Puma Perl's great and very deserving of purchase new chapbook Belinda And Her Friends here, one of AJ Kauffman's Pilgrims and Indians here, one of George Andersson's Dancing on thin ice here, and, last but definitely not least, one of Misti Rainwater-Lites' brilliant collection The Kitchen is Closed here. That one is also eminently buyable and will decrapify your poetry collection to a certain extent. Pushing lemmings will also make you a better person (the book not the activity.)

The link to buy lemmings is below