Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monkey Bite

Misti Rainwater-Lites
Monkey Bite
8 Octocoocoo by Koko Loko
@ 2022 by Jungle Jane Press

Monkey Bite is a book at Lulu by Misti Rainwater-Lites, who produces probably as many poems as anyone. And they are all good, she doesn't write crap, not even poo poo, I write just as much as Misti does, I suppose, but some of it is faintly scented poop. This book costs only $4.92, which is basically not free, but might as well be. It is on sale here and, if you don't buy it, then you, sir, are a dildo.

I introduce my review of it thus, it is a book of Octocoocoos. These are poems composed of eight eight syllable lines. Monkeys need that sort of structure special. Koko Loko is a schizophrenic monkey and a friend of god, a sort of primate pope. He is pretty peeved sometimes. He takes drugs too, they make him fuck for days and be happy. He's just precisely like me and you.

Here's one of his kick ass apeshit poems

A Chimp’s Complaint

I want to speak to Manager.
Manager better explain things.
How come big fucking hole in sky?
Why cars like ants all over place?
Trees torn down for tall ugly things
no sensible monkey would climb!
Masses of humans dying, fine.
Whole planet dying? FUCK THAT SHIT!

Buy this book or Misti will make more of a monkey out of you motherfucker. We all need a monkey on out backs, a monkey to pull down the sky and jump into the schizophrenic cracks in the moon and between the stars, so get hooked on monkeypoetics and monkeyphonics today at Lulu, the place for trendy apes.