Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"of dead snakes" - new chapbook

Well, soon, after some time has passed, but not after too much time has passed, there will be a new chapbook by me available at Rain over Bouville Publications. They are here, of course, and the book will be there too, where just now you can see a couple of things on sale, a couple of which I have reviewed, by Humphrey Astley and Adriana Sabatini, and one by Iain Hunter that I haven't read yet, but that I'm sure also rocks.

The forty or so poems in my "of dead snakes" book don't fuck around, but they do get their dicks out a couple of times. They will be available as a free download and a buyable book, made out of pre-stained paper, with feelthy peectures. You like feelthy peectures maybe??