Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Polluto IV

It's now possible to purchase Polluto IV, including "the day hermeneutics died," a small collection of poems by me. The issue is called Queer and Loathing in Wonderland, and the full line-up is: 'Alice in the Palace' by Dave Migman, 'Parasol Clerks' by Rhys Hughes, 'Jeanne' by Steve Redwood, 'Mouse Diary' by Daniel Wilson, 'Queer & Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road' by Deb Hoag, 'A Shade of Yellow' by Alex MacFarlane, 'Beta Child, Gamma Child' by Malon Edwards, 'Paint the Town' by Anne Pinckard, 'Sweet Adult Cell' by Ray Succre, 'Beauty and the Beast' by Micci Oaten, 'Heart of Cement' by Lawrence Dagstine, 'The Bears in the Wood' by Jim Steel, 'The Androidgenous Zone' by Andrew Hook & Allen Ashley, 'Velcro Hurt' by Ernesto Sarezale, 'The Day Hermeneutics Died' by David McLean, 'Willow Within' by D. W. Green, 'A Long Hard Look' by Rhian Waller, 'On Biting Roy' by Janis Butler Holm, 'Live Without a Net' by RC Edrington, 'Mona and the Machine' by Matthew Longo, 'Backseat Ballet' by Mark Howard Jones, 'Voom and Bloom' by Frank Burton, 'Alice in Agony Pink' by Michelle Mead, 'ADD' by Chris Patton, 'Shedding' by Rhian Waller.

So this issue is subversive and worth reading. The poems by me are pretty damn offensive, including irrational attacks on almost everything that people hold true and decent. This magazine will enlighten you and it is only $7.99, 10 Euros, or $12 with free surface shipping to the rest of the world and USA. Order it here.