Friday, February 27, 2009

Skyline Online

Delighted that the new issue of Skyline Magazine Online is up now. It's an excellent issue with a poem by me here. There is other great work by Felino Soriano, Micheal Lee Johnson, Joop Bersee, and Jan Oskar Hansen, the last from Norway, not too far from here, all things considered.

Beat The Dust

Happy to say that two poems by me will be up in Beat The Dust on March 7th, the classy underground lit mag run by multi-talented editor Melissa Mann. It will be an issue based on a theme taken from the words of the prophetess Patti Smith "Fuck the word, the word is dead." Beat The Dust is here and its' part of a larger website with her stuff here, check them both out.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Skyline Magazine Online

Pleased to say that the sun on its side by me will be coming in Skyline magazine Online. This is here and they have a group of sister print magazines, one of which I have been in as I recall, and these are linked here. Some great work up at the poetry page of the current winter 2008 issue here. Mine is coming in Spring 2009.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Second Run

A lot of zines don't like reprints, but Second Run specializes in them. Two poems by me will be appearing in future issues of this magazine that has both online and print formats. Online can be found here, and it's an excellent idea to do a publication like that where people can submit things that have maybe once been in a print zine or are not currently accessible online or in print.

Rain Over Bouville

Rain over Bouville have finally got their new "Summer 2008" issue posted, (it's not very summery here at the moment) and the issue is here and includes two by me, and plenty of excellent work by Rob Plath, Connie Stadler, Felino Soriano, Richard Wink, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Adriana Sabatini, Humphrey Astley, Glenn Smith, Henry Stead, and Leila Soltau. So check it out. God knows when the chapbook due with them, which I alleged would be in February, is coming, but it will be some time soonish I hope. It's still February a few days, at any rate, so it's possibly still a correct date.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Acappella Zoo

You can now preorder and soon will be able to preview the new Acappella Zoo here. There's a thing by me in it and I think you should buy it, there's lots of other great stuff.

Mirrors Magazine

A poem by me will be appearing in the second issue of Mirrors magazine, which will be a print issue, There are two in the first issue and they can be viewed online here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Write Room

There are a few things by me up at The Write Room, that's a pseudo-reflexive tanka and some pseudo-reflexive haikun plus of things and denotata, the aetiology of mankind and mental health. They are all pretty damn entertaining and reflect my fundamentally X-ian and postive view of life and shit like that. I'm an altruistic twat and love everybody. Or at least I like to see the suffering flesh in every body. Wouldn't you? The poems are here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Gloom Cupboard Print 5

Happy to also say that Richard Wink, also an industrious editor, has been good enough to accept "the kraken will not wake" for the forthcoming fifth print edition of the outstanding Gloom Cupboard. In fact, with a name like Gloom Cupboard he'd have problems not having a great zine both online and in print.

Side of Grits

Side of Grits 2 is up, I'm pleased to say, here. A poem "the corpse in the poem" by me is here, I recommend checking it out asap, the zine I mean, but me too. There's lots of great work there, as always, and a sterling job, of course, has been done by editors Wayne Mason and Michelle McDannold.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shoots & Vines

Delighted to have two things up in the new website for Shoots & Vines, which is an excellent zine and very regularly updated too. They are on view here and there's a couple of pieces in their forthcoming print zine, the one in April I believe. The first issue was excellent too and you can view that online or order a copy for a very small postage fee here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cerulean Rain

There's an excellent issue of Cerulean rain up here including two poems by me, do check it out. An excellent mix of poems prose and art on darker, confessional, and existential subject matter. Great work.

Heroin Love songs 5

New issue of Heroin Love Sons up with three poems by me here. Very great issue as usual inclkuding, among others, work by Rob Plath, Puma Perl, Luis Cuauhtmeoc Berriozabal, and Mark Walton. Noticed a lot of woman poets, and even male but unmanly poets, like to bore the shit out of everyone with poems to fetuses, accordingly jumped on the bandwagon with a poem to the brat we aborted recently.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Journal

Happy to say that The Journal 25 is out (35). I received it today and it was particularly cool not to recognize the names of any of the poets in it. Two poems by me, sidewalk and one day the air in it, and all the other poems in the zine, on closer inspection, prove to be excellent. It can be ordered by check or PayPal here from the editor Sam smith. Sterling work. £3 in the UK, a subscription is £8, £11 for those of us lucky (or unlucky, depending on your sovereign choice of allegiances) enough not to live in the UK.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heavy Bear

Very gratefult to the excellent poet Felino Soriano for making me aware that Heavy Bear was open to submissions. And incredible impressed by the well-known editrix Jane Crown who responded in 28 (count 'em) minutes to accept vagitus and blood in a bucket for issue 2. That's what we all like to see. Swift and decisive editorial action coupled with the ability to answer emails. Anyway, they have a huge first issue out already and it's here.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Counterexample Poetics

Delighted to see the five things posted here now. There is a whole collection of excellent poetry posted at Counterexample Poetics that includes many of the significant names in the experimental side of the contemporary small press and internet world. Duane Locke, Connie Stadler, Audacia Dangereyes, Charles Freeland, Ray Succre, Juliet Cook, Dr Kane X Faucher, Andrew Taylor, and now me. It really is an outstanding new zine, so read and submit here, my pieces are at the first link and the link at the top.

Neon Beam 8

Pleased to have two poems forthcoming in NeonBeam 8, this evening and what decays already. The site is here and it is up in march, free download and purchase of print issue at that site. Neonbeam is always an excellent magazine. Well worth reading. There's still a free pdf of the isse five that includes an interview with me, that's here as download, and it's even available in print here and done in a special enlarged format to accomodate the photos of my nakedness.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Write Room

The editor/publisher of the zine The Write Room was just astonishingly prompt in accepting some work. Thanks for that. The poems are, as so often, despicable and fundamentally evil attacks on venerable institutions like the state, psychiatry, and even that goddam empirical reality, molar size objects and that sort of shit. Anyway, the zine is here and, the little beasts will be coming soon to the poetry section. Three of them purport to be haikun and one a tanka, you can attack reality with a tanka but tanks are better.

Everyday Weirdness

Pleased with getting a piece aimless ghosts up at Everyday weirdness, their policy is to post one piece of creepiness a day, and they have posted such people as esteemed dead man HP Lovecraft, obviously one of my favorite writers. The piece is here and the zine here.They are worth checking out for strange and eldritch stuff. Great zine.

Friday, February 6, 2009

a new zine

Counterexample Poetics is the name of a new zine that is to be edited by Felino Soriano, the gifted poet I have reviewed a couple of times, who writes philosophically inflected works that I hesitate to call postmodern, since the term "postmodern" is not actually a philosophical term (I think Lyotard just used it to wind people and architects up). "Postmodern poems" in general - not all of them, as you will see from Counterexample Poetics - are pretentious and silly, usually written by people who have read books about philosophers, instead of books by philosophers (preferably all of the major ones, and they're all major). I give poets the same arrogant and foolish advice that the incredibly sexy Heidegger really wanted to give his students, so he said - go away and read young Aristotle for ten years, and come back then, better and wiser (wo)men.

But Felino's works are very different from the majority; they do actually live in the same water as philosophemes, those extravagantly optimistic fish, some of Felino's poems can actually even be formalized, believe it or not. (Derrida loved to claim sometimes that some of his arguments could be formalized. However did he know that? Derrida never fulfilled these drunken boasts.)

This is to introduce the zine somewhat perversely. The zine is here. Send poems that are potentially potent.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Literary Mary

Pleased to have received my copy of the first print issue of Literary Mary, with two poems by me in it. It contains some first rate poems, prose and artwork. Copies can be picked up here.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Literary Bitch 1

Pleased to say that a poem buy me is in the debut Literary Bitch. You have to navigate to issue one which contains my poem the night smells like piss as well as work by Marie Lecrivain, Pablo Vision, and many more excellent writers. The website is here.

Decanto 39

Just to say that raven by me is in the current feb 2009 issue of Decanto. it can be ordered by payPal here. Pretty sure you can order the August 2008 issue too, and that would be available here, where I was featured poet and interviewed a little.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Instant Pussy Disco

A very excellent and exceptional issue of the Pussy is up, Instant Pussy Disco. It's either a completely free and free-loving fuck, or a hideously expensive hard-bound (for some reason) vagina dentata nibbling at your scrot and wallet being pimped at Lulu here. Get, and pound, some free disco-slut-pussy, and read and marvel at the writings of me, Cindy Rosmus, Puma Perl, Jack Henry, David Blaine, Craig Sernotti and many other great scribblers.

The editrix's blog is here.

EDIT: Damn Pussy won't stop coming. (It probably listened to Freud's scandalous lies about the relative importance of pussy and the holy analog of my external organ (about a million times smaller though) that is the glorious and noble clitoris.) Anyway, point of the edit is to state that now a soft Pussy has come wrapped in pretty paper.I like soft pussy better than hard pusy and the soft one is squelching a little as it lies in wait for your money here. (Failing clinking coins, it will still put out virtual and free pussy at the same link, it all depends on your wrist action with the mouse, as access to Pussy often does - this last allusion more accessible in Sweden maybe but wtf.)

Monday, February 2, 2009

CommonLine Project

There's a great 1st Quarter 2009 issue up at The CommonLine Project, now in the capable hands of Richard Wink. There's also a review by me of a new book by Ben Stainton which you can read here. The book is by BeWrite and can be ordered, among other places, at their site here.

By the way the issue was very interesting, great work, and everybody in it was new to me, so check it out here.

Everyday Weirdness

Pleased to have a piece accepted for Everyday Weirdness, a new horror zine that does a piece a day, as the name implies, it will be up on 7th February 2009 here.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mung Being 24

Delighted to say that five poems by me, with a sort of food theme, are up in issue 24 of Mung Being and they are here, the zine is here. A very pretty pic of me where I used to live is here with a little bio. The whole issue is absolutely excellent . Read it.


Never noticed when it came, but a quite OK poem by me is in Inscribed 3,6, "since they died" you can get it here. I never recieved a copy of their 2007 anthology, but there's a poem in that too, a better poem probably, not sure. If I know how to get a copy I'd have one, obviously.


Pleased to say that three things by me are up in the really great zine LiteralMinded. "time is dead fish", "this is not a treatise", and "faceless children." The titles link directly to the poems, the zine is here, and do check all of it out. It's full of really marvelous and thought-provoking work.

Poetry Warrior

There's a new issue up of Poetry Warrior e-zine. My poem is here, it's basically denying something Seneca said and Schopenhauer agreed with, though it's disingenuous. The rocks must have wanted something to start with. Anyway Felino Soriano, Melissa Hansen and Pumma Perl are also in it, along with a lot of other great stuff. And Karl Koweski is the featured poet. I have a chapbook by Karl that I haven't reviewed yet, it's called Diminishing Returns and is published by sunnyoutside. Do buy this, it's a little gem and is full of exquisite sense of disillusionment tempered with delicious astringent humor, it contains some of the funniest and most entertaining poems ever. Some perversity. It rocks like fuck. Only $8.