Friday, February 6, 2009

a new zine

Counterexample Poetics is the name of a new zine that is to be edited by Felino Soriano, the gifted poet I have reviewed a couple of times, who writes philosophically inflected works that I hesitate to call postmodern, since the term "postmodern" is not actually a philosophical term (I think Lyotard just used it to wind people and architects up). "Postmodern poems" in general - not all of them, as you will see from Counterexample Poetics - are pretentious and silly, usually written by people who have read books about philosophers, instead of books by philosophers (preferably all of the major ones, and they're all major). I give poets the same arrogant and foolish advice that the incredibly sexy Heidegger really wanted to give his students, so he said - go away and read young Aristotle for ten years, and come back then, better and wiser (wo)men.

But Felino's works are very different from the majority; they do actually live in the same water as philosophemes, those extravagantly optimistic fish, some of Felino's poems can actually even be formalized, believe it or not. (Derrida loved to claim sometimes that some of his arguments could be formalized. However did he know that? Derrida never fulfilled these drunken boasts.)

This is to introduce the zine somewhat perversely. The zine is here. Send poems that are potentially potent.