Sunday, February 1, 2009

Poetry Warrior

There's a new issue up of Poetry Warrior e-zine. My poem is here, it's basically denying something Seneca said and Schopenhauer agreed with, though it's disingenuous. The rocks must have wanted something to start with. Anyway Felino Soriano, Melissa Hansen and Pumma Perl are also in it, along with a lot of other great stuff. And Karl Koweski is the featured poet. I have a chapbook by Karl that I haven't reviewed yet, it's called Diminishing Returns and is published by sunnyoutside. Do buy this, it's a little gem and is full of exquisite sense of disillusionment tempered with delicious astringent humor, it contains some of the funniest and most entertaining poems ever. Some perversity. It rocks like fuck. Only $8.