Monday, March 30, 2009

Reviews in Clockwise Cat

In the current issue of Clockwise Cat I review Luis Cuauhtmeoc Berriozabal's before and well after midnight here - and watch out for the new chapbook from Epic Rites that i am editing for Luis btw, it will be a killer. I review Monkey Bite by Misti Rainwater Lites here, and watch out for her forthcoming monster I am doing with her for Epic Rites, it will be really epic and essential reading. Buy Monkey Bite here for only $4.92. A third review is Travis Blair and Train to Chihuahua, a great book on sale here. (The link at Clockwise Cat is out of date apparently, I was never notified of the change though.)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Static Movement

Static Movement is an excellent publication, I've had several poems there already at various times, and their April issue is coming soon, on account of it soon being April, with my wandering womb in the zine, which is here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Muse Thing

Nobius posted two poems as a preview to of dead snakes at Calliope Nerve's blogzine The Muse Thing. The poems in question are here. At the same link you will be able to see, among other things, Connie Stadler's review of pushing lemmings, buy that here at the link to the left, there are still copies available. Buy of dead snakes at this link too, where you can also download it for free. The Muse Thing is always worth checking out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

three zines

Pleased to receive three print zines today, the first the very reputable Carillon magazine, issue 23 March 2009, containing a lot of excellent work but also two poems by me. This may be ordered here and costs £3.50, 7 for Europe, or USA etc $8.

Also received Breadcrumb Scabs, issue number one, three poems by me in it and it's a free download or a print book on sale here. Seems to be very good work, and a couple more issues out since then. Also free downloads.

Third, last, but most definitely not least, the issue of Instant Pussy called Instant Pussy Disco, this is on sale, or freely downloadable here. There's even an expensive hardcover version for mucho dinero, but let's get serious, shall we? Many in this, including, apart from me, Puma Perl, Jack Henry, Jane Crown, David Blaine, Cindy Rosmus, and even some people called Lennon and McCartney, whoever they are. Buy this and you will be blessed.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Prick of The Spindle

Issue 3.1 of Prick Of the Spindle is out with a poem Pan sweats by me here. Cool zine, check it out.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Word Salad

Word Salad has an issue up featuring if everything be me here, it is otherwise a very good read too, so check it out. If you like it buy a print copy here.

Friday, March 20, 2009

"Her Delicate Shoe" Jane Crown

Her Delicate Shoe
Jane Crown
Polymer Grove Press
Chapbook Review by David McLean
to order, visit:

This excellent new chapbook by Jane Crown, editor of Heavy Bear magazine and host and proprietor of Jane Crown's Internet radio show, is a real tour de force in verbal pyrotechnics and demonstrates that Janey has a quiet and assured voice capable of engaging the reader in order to drag her into the Crown world and display a poetical sensibility that is one of the most promising in the early years of what will probably be a pretty fucked up millennium, if it lasts that long.

These are poems made

… only of promises
and rosewater, wishes for happiness
and a granting of living lips
(from Delicacy)

They discuss love, aging, sensuality, the Tao, the southern states of the USA, and nostalgia and yearning. They often attain heights of lyricism that never lose their sure footing in humor and self-awareness, even a self-conscious reflexive touch that makes the poems sometimes meta-poems with their and the writer's selves as subject matter:

believe or not, it is the poem that brings movement
across salted floors
(from Movement)

One of the best is introduced by a Lao Tzu quote and goes on to

Chopping wood seems very hard now, impossibly mind breaking
it gives no pause for diligence, it simply moves heavy

To split something in halves possible, spendthrift
'Tis a broader thought to use self as a whole

A grand endeavor, no doubt, thinking and still
I keep my eye to yours and this aged quiet

It keeps me on the path
lest I forget there is one, minus machine and hand

This I can embrace without even axe or arm
(from The Uncarved Block)

The poems offer an exceedingly unique and individual take on life and teach us, as poems should, to step back on and reflect on what it is to be. Not what it is to be a human or a woman or an American, but what it is to be there in the world in general, even if we happen to be all of these subsidiary things.

Finally, some excellent advice:

Travel leads to disembarking, so
keep your valuables with you
and never watch over your left shoulder
(from The Birds)

Do buy this book, I can guarantee you some breathlessly exciting and beautiful poetry. And copies are available from Jane herself at

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rusty Truck

Pleased to say that a poem by me, the illness that sings in us, is forthcoming in Rusty Truck. It's a fine zine so I am going to be pleased to be there. Read the current work here.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Moon Drenched Fables

Nice to see that the gaunt ghosts by me is one of the things currently posted in Moon Drenched Fables, which has a new issue up now. Worth checking out.

Prick Of The Spindle

Happy to say that Pan sweats by me will be forthcoming in an issue of Prick of The Spindle. They are here.

Word Salad

Very happy to say that a poem by me will be in the issue of Word Salad to come on the 21st, looking forward to seeing it. For now the zine is on view here.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

counterexample poetics

Pleased to say that a further five are due in the excellent counterexample poetics this summer sometime. For now I have five up here.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Gargoyle 54

Happy to hear that Gargoyle 54 is currently at the printer and will be out soon, when it is you will be able to order it here. A very cool magazine, obviously, many people have been in it, now including me, and that with some poem about Trakl, as I remember. Anyway, it will be available soon to order here.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Constance Stadler

Constance Stadler
Sublunary Curse
published by Erbacce-Press
chapbook review

EDIT. Read this here at counterexample poetics, Felino Soriano's first rate new zine.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Holy Hermaphrodite

The Holy Hermaphrodite
chapbook by AD Hithcin
published by Shadow Archer Press
reviewed by David McLean

This review is posted now at the excellent Counterexample Poetics. Read it here.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Shout

Very pleased that The Shout has seen fit to accept a poem "all i want" for their first issue, it's a new print zine and to judge from their blog here it will be excellent. Can't wait to see it.

Gloom Cupboard & Sublunary Curse

Pleased to receive the Print Issue 5 of Gloom Cupboard, it's excellent as always and includes work by me, Anthony Hitchin, Andrew Taylor, and Karl Koweski among others. This can be ordered from Erbacce, as can what also arrived today, a copy of Sublunary Curse by Constance Stadler, which is blurbed by myself, Anthony Hitchin and Felino Soriano.

Connie's book is here and runs the range from brutal cynicism over her inadequate fathering, through a powerful condemnation of clitoridectomy, to a delightful tribute to Poe. She anatomizes her subject matter with gusto and verve, and does so by enriching her words with the blessings of polyvalence to compensate them for the world they describe. Stadler knows what it means to "taste filth," but also the compensations of words, the "sensual glossolalia" that makes these poems little verbal ecstasies that reward careful reading, since they are rich and complex, not easy in the sense of "superficial" and simple, but it is easy to see the compassionate humanity that describes the less desirable aspects of existence as well as the best of them. Both bereavement and also the love that preceded it, both the clinic and also the innocence of the clinic's victims.

The book is splendid and only five pounds. Buy it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eleutheria - Scottish Poetry Review

Happy to say that two by me (a day is stitched and there are absences) are up at Eleutheria's excellent first issue. This side will not work for proper Firefox or Epiphany but works excellently for Konqueror, as one might expect. I assume it works for M$ Windoze Firefox though. They are in the company of, among others, Connie Stadler and Felino Soriano.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Beat the Dust

As I said before, I was pleased that Melissa Mann took a couple of pieces by me for the Beat The Dust "fuck the word - the word" is dead issue. That issue is now live here with fake obituaries and so forth and the two pieces by me are here. Many names in the issue including Misti Rainwater-Lites and Karl Koweski. Well worth checking out, as is the whole larger website

Thursday, March 5, 2009

James Darman "getting fat on thin lines"

James Darman
getting fat on thin lines
book reviewed by David Mclean
buy at Lulu

James Darman's first chapbook is a book really, 64 poems that have a hangover, that are contemptuous of workaday values, poems that drink in the morning – and there is a little Mick Farren and the Social Deviants flavor here.

Humanity in this book is

like a vacant sign
between the grave
and the ever expanding
atomic funeral pyre
(from “where the logic of the sun fails”)

as the poet's voice describes himself, it's a world where home improvements are drawing the curtains, turning up the volume, and drinking beer not coffee for breakfast. Ambition and industry are misplaced.

Though Darman distances himself from the Buddha

i’m sure that rock
is still there
in the middle
of Seattle’s
Volunteer Park
you can have it
and if you see
that cocksuck’n
i’m still pushing
the broom
drinking wine
(from “there is no Buddha here”)

it's nevertheless a Zen message of illusions covering emptiness that is taught here, as this poem, cited here in its entirety, illustrates


so drunk
i put two legs
into one pant leg
and fall

i have grown fat
and dumb
while men
trot off to war

This whole book contains poems that teach this message, so it may not be for everybody, but it's a book of poems for everyone who likes to see if he left any cans open in the fridge when he wakes up, or any cans at all, and then stoically buttons up to go buy some more if there are none left.

leave me alone
w/ a empty stomach
and a bottle of wine
i’ve got my own
suicide machine
to oil
(from “staying oiled on an empty stomach”)

In my humble opinion these poems are pretty much masterpieces of a nihilism that is not inhumane but just lets things be, like Sartre says in Being and Nothingness, there is no moral difference between a man who is a leader of nations and a man who gets pissed as a rat alone in his room everyday, except the man who gets pissed as a rat isn't a pin in the ass for everybody else like the leader of nations. So these poems tell us how to let go of stupid and boring societal norms and chill with your kitties and a few beers. (Why this American obsession with wine? Ah, sorry, Coors and Budweiser explain that of course.)

We are just this lack of substantial being and a creature shaped by nothing in the way Sartre tells us.

it was here today
and its here now
as i take the last
paper and roll a fat stogie
as i pound down the last drops of
and it will be in here tomorrow
waiting in the corners
like the spider’s web
(from “in the presence of absence”)

And Darman is more than message and attitude, though that's there too, there are poems here of rare beauty.

from the porch i watch the birds
rise and fall
above the cypress trees
their wings silent
as the branches
their morning whistle gone
an evening symphony
of nada
rise and fall
(from affirmations of the negative on the wings of birds”)

In general they balance each other, each of these poems has a message and does not rely on its beauty, but it also has an aesthetic value so the message doesn't take over the show. Probably the best new chap I've read in 2009 so far, so do buy it, it's available at lulu just now at this link.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tinfoil Dresses

One poem by me, it was mistakes, is in the great new Spring 2009 issue of Tinfoil Dresses. This is well worth checking out and is here.

Halfway Down The Stairs

Nice to be able to say that the twists of fate themed issue of Halfway Down The Stairs is up here. There are two poems by me in it, sun-peel and missing meanings. It is an excellent zine and it's a pleasure to be in it.

Gutter Eloquence

Gutter Eloquence 2 is up with a poem by me here. The zine itself is here and Jack T Marlowe again did a phenomenal issue with poems by Rob Plath, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Karl Koweski, Melissa Hansen, Andrew Taylor, and Anthony Hitchin and very many others. It seems that this really is one of the best zines knocking around today, and Jack knows a poem when he sees one.