Monday, March 9, 2009

Gloom Cupboard & Sublunary Curse

Pleased to receive the Print Issue 5 of Gloom Cupboard, it's excellent as always and includes work by me, Anthony Hitchin, Andrew Taylor, and Karl Koweski among others. This can be ordered from Erbacce, as can what also arrived today, a copy of Sublunary Curse by Constance Stadler, which is blurbed by myself, Anthony Hitchin and Felino Soriano.

Connie's book is here and runs the range from brutal cynicism over her inadequate fathering, through a powerful condemnation of clitoridectomy, to a delightful tribute to Poe. She anatomizes her subject matter with gusto and verve, and does so by enriching her words with the blessings of polyvalence to compensate them for the world they describe. Stadler knows what it means to "taste filth," but also the compensations of words, the "sensual glossolalia" that makes these poems little verbal ecstasies that reward careful reading, since they are rich and complex, not easy in the sense of "superficial" and simple, but it is easy to see the compassionate humanity that describes the less desirable aspects of existence as well as the best of them. Both bereavement and also the love that preceded it, both the clinic and also the innocence of the clinic's victims.

The book is splendid and only five pounds. Buy it.