Wednesday, March 25, 2009

three zines

Pleased to receive three print zines today, the first the very reputable Carillon magazine, issue 23 March 2009, containing a lot of excellent work but also two poems by me. This may be ordered here and costs £3.50, 7 for Europe, or USA etc $8.

Also received Breadcrumb Scabs, issue number one, three poems by me in it and it's a free download or a print book on sale here. Seems to be very good work, and a couple more issues out since then. Also free downloads.

Third, last, but most definitely not least, the issue of Instant Pussy called Instant Pussy Disco, this is on sale, or freely downloadable here. There's even an expensive hardcover version for mucho dinero, but let's get serious, shall we? Many in this, including, apart from me, Puma Perl, Jack Henry, Jane Crown, David Blaine, Cindy Rosmus, and even some people called Lennon and McCartney, whoever they are. Buy this and you will be blessed.