Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shoots and Vines

Crystal Folz at Shoots & Vines was also just kind enough to accpet five poems by me for May 21st. They had a feature by me this Yuletide, becasue I'm just so fucking jolly and ruddy-cheeked and X-ian and seasonal. That's here. They are here so check them out.

In the future I shall submit a lot less to zines, whether electronic or print; I have enough accepted that it can't exactly help book sales, and I have a lot of books and chapbooks coming. A large anthology laughing at funerals and a chapbook Hellbound from Epic Rites, nobody wants to go to heaven but everybody wants to die from Poptritus this summer, and my novella Henrietta forgets from ISMs sometime when Rachel Kendall, who has a new daughter Violet, born a little prematurely, like violets this early spring (do violets loom blooming at springtime?) gets time over from the exacting task of being a new mum. So, congratulations, Rachel, and your man.