Monday, May 3, 2010

1000th Monkey

As promised a little below, the 4th 1000th Monkey is available for order (or free download as a huge .pdf) here. I quote from most of their blurb - a poem by me is there too.

With contributions from: Theron Moore, Matt Gould, Thomas Sullivan, Jim Wittenberg, Jeffrey S. Callico, Michael McAloran, Michael J. Solender, Brad Nelson, Anna Nelson, Chris Nicholson, Doug Mathewson, Wred Fright, Jaria, Jenni Leigh, Paul Corman-Roberts, Kristin Fouquet, Erin Cole, Joseph M. Gant, JR McRae, Catfish McDaris, Walt Conley, Cliff Lynn, Allen Masterson, Lawrence Gladeview, Songtsen Hollander, David S. Pointer, Abigail George, Sal Butacci.

Editors: Content edited by Madrea Marie Loy, Produced by Lynn Alexander for OW Press.

Cover Photography by Kristin Fouquet.