Monday, October 25, 2010

Currently Available Books

As of today I no longer have copies of pushing lemmings to sell, and hellbound was sold long ago, so now there are three full lengths and a few chapbooks available. Details follow.

The first full length is called Cadaver's dance from Whistling Shade Press and it is available at Amazon, where there are reviews, other reviews are linked to the right. Occasionally it is out of stock there, but it is always available for order direct from Whistling Shade, the publishers. Huge thanks to Dylan Garcia-Wahl for a great editing job.

The second, pushing lemmings, is available, post free, at Erbacce Press.

The third, laughing at funerals, from Epic Rites Press, is available at SPD. Also at Amazon. Reviews, as with the others, are linked to the right. Wolfgang Carstens selected the poems very well here, I think, from a whole load that I sent him to choose from.

There are a few chapbooks too.

poems against enlightenment is free and online, so that may be a good place to start.

At least as good a place might be of dead snakes, from Rain over Bouville. This is on sale very inexpensively via the POD people at Lulu and can also be downloaded for free as a pdf at this link to Lulu. Humphrey Astley did a great job selecting from the poems I sent him for that.

La Morte Vivante, alternatively the dead living girl is available from Shadow Archer Press. It's basically a short chapbook written while watching the great film of that name and also thumbing through Verlaine's poetry in the en face English/French selection. It's not a long film so I'm very pleased with it.

a hunger for mourning, my first chapbook, is still available at the same Erbacce link where you can buy pushing lemmings. It is much better than I remember so you, gentle reader, have my permission to buy any of these things you want.

If you like the idea of a strict God, an angry daddy figure, buy lots of copies of them all and burn them. Burn the little fuckers! Make them suffer! That would make me perversely, but hugely, happy. So go for it. "The panties of Christ compel you!"

All of the mentioned publishers have a great range of other excellent books to buy too. many of those also written by wicked men and women whose books deserve the cleansing rituals of fire to be applied to them.