Monday, November 15, 2010

Clockwise Cat IXX

There 's a review of Maxwell Baumbach, and not less than three reviews of Mr. Michael McAloran up at Clockwise Cat. See below for links to the reviews. Generally speaking it seems to be a great issue, lots of excellent people there, plus a review of Inland Empire, one of my favorite films, by the editor Alison Ross herself.

As Alison says, many people dislike Lynch, on account of alleged pretentiousness or nasty hair, but that's not so. He always had lovely a haircut, and to see why he is not a bullshitting wannabe surrealist, but the real thing, read her review

Lynch, John Waters, Lars von Trier, Jean Rollin, Kurosawa, Jarmusch, Guy Ritchie, Clive Barker, Romero, Tarrantino and Rodriguez, these are all very different sorts of film people who are not crap. Some crap is good crap, even great crap; these just aren't crap at all.