Sunday, October 31, 2010

H.O.D. 2

Delighted that Handful Of Dust 2, including a piece by me, turned out so excellently. Get it here as a pdf.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Phantom Kangaroo

One by me was just accepted gratifyingly quickly by Phantom Kangaroo, a new zine that I am looking forward to reading when it comes, due Halloween when phantom kangaroos are quite common sights even in Sweden.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The great zine with ergonomic art for odd shaped people, social-i, has been kind enough to take a poem for issue 3, coming sooner than the earlier acceptance for issue 4, unless they have an odd shaped chronology of issues too. Check out current work at their website here.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Currently Available Books

As of today I no longer have copies of pushing lemmings to sell, and hellbound was sold long ago, so now there are three full lengths and a few chapbooks available. Details follow.

The first full length is called Cadaver's dance from Whistling Shade Press and it is available at Amazon, where there are reviews, other reviews are linked to the right. Occasionally it is out of stock there, but it is always available for order direct from Whistling Shade, the publishers. Huge thanks to Dylan Garcia-Wahl for a great editing job.

The second, pushing lemmings, is available, post free, at Erbacce Press.

The third, laughing at funerals, from Epic Rites Press, is available at SPD. Also at Amazon. Reviews, as with the others, are linked to the right. Wolfgang Carstens selected the poems very well here, I think, from a whole load that I sent him to choose from.

There are a few chapbooks too.

poems against enlightenment is free and online, so that may be a good place to start.

At least as good a place might be of dead snakes, from Rain over Bouville. This is on sale very inexpensively via the POD people at Lulu and can also be downloaded for free as a pdf at this link to Lulu. Humphrey Astley did a great job selecting from the poems I sent him for that.

La Morte Vivante, alternatively the dead living girl is available from Shadow Archer Press. It's basically a short chapbook written while watching the great film of that name and also thumbing through Verlaine's poetry in the en face English/French selection. It's not a long film so I'm very pleased with it.

a hunger for mourning, my first chapbook, is still available at the same Erbacce link where you can buy pushing lemmings. It is much better than I remember so you, gentle reader, have my permission to buy any of these things you want.

If you like the idea of a strict God, an angry daddy figure, buy lots of copies of them all and burn them. Burn the little fuckers! Make them suffer! That would make me perversely, but hugely, happy. So go for it. "The panties of Christ compel you!"

All of the mentioned publishers have a great range of other excellent books to buy too. many of those also written by wicked men and women whose books deserve the cleansing rituals of fire to be applied to them.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Literary Burlesque

Pleased to announce both an excellent new zine and my being first up in it. Here is The Literary Burlesque. The ones by me are here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Real Stories Gallery

Pleased to say that another five poems by me are posted now at Real Stories Gallery. They are up here. Real Stories is trying to combat ignorance about AIDS and the threat posed by this disease, which obviously still very much exists. So check them out here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eunoia Review

Pleased to say that three by me are forthcoming in Eunoia Review in December. It's a great new zine already full of excellent poetry so check it out now.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Milk Sugar

Another thing just posted, this time three poems in Milk Sugar, which is very fine indeed. I am slightly lactose intolerant, in general, but not in this case.)

Heavy Hands Ink 2

I just mentioned that the first was available, can also say that two were just accepted for issue two, it's the print version of Heavy Hands, obviously.

Stray Branch

Hugely pleased that six poems coming in #10 Vol 6 of The Stray Branch, an awesome place to be.

hard brackets

Three by me, light is a rope, gently the snow, and disparaging ideology or killing a wife, are up at a fine new zine called hardbrackets. Check them out.

Heavy Hands Ink 1

The 1st print issue of Heavy hands is out. Go get a copy linked at their blog. It's a great online zine for free, so worth a few dollars support, which also gets you a copy of a great print magazine.


Issue 12 of Sarasvati is out, it can be bought at the Indigo Dreams Online site and includes a few by me. Well worth buying.

Stepping Stones

The two poems promised a while ago are up there now at Stepping Stones, a great new magazine, well worth a visit.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Nervous Breakdown

There's a self-interview and so forth in a little feature at The Nervous Breakdown. They have a tag function whereby everything tagged me will wind up here. The interview is here.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Michael McAloran - Final Fragments reviewed

Final Fragments
Michael McAloran
chapbook review
Calliope Nerve Media

This is what it says, it is poetry as it expresses the last things one can say about the void, it is what a suicide can say before actually dying. “I am too patient, with my own death” says the protagonist. Aren't we all?

The book depicts the love of death, the “will to desist” as it grows and burgeons within the voice of the poems. It is, As Connie Stadler says on the cover, full of the heritage of Beckett and that existential tradition.

He shows the splendor that there is “to be had” in the world as a real possibility, but frivolous, just another chunk of nothing, and wants to join the darkness and its “earthen caress.”

Ultimately we all, in our fascination with death, approach it “as an idiot child approaches a silent clear infinite lake, yet without wonder” because there is no locus called “death” where we will “be.” There “is” no void. What is fascinating with death, however, as McAloran shows, is the alternative to saying no to life, this “tomb of idiocy.”

This book also touches the dark pleasures of the death-madness, “my heart vibrates...I piss upon love as if I were scratching at a festering wound..I find joy in the obscene..There is laughter, also, at the heart of the stricken void”

The book depicts a memory of a love and its abandonment, the memory of the woman seeming to become a corpse on a bed, because memories are corpses, ultimately, no use to us.

This is a very short review and the fragments are short, it's a fragmentary review of a book of fragments, and in it Michael McAloran becomes “the closed fist of the night” - a fist of poems ready to punch away some illusions from the reader's complacent face.

Get it from Calliope Nerve Media here. Or direct from this link.

Media Virus

Media Virus is a wonderful zine and in the next issue they will be including a poem by me called "some children." Check them out now.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Milk Sugar

Delighted to say that three by me are forthcoming in Milk Sugar online literary journal. They will be appearing this weekend I believe. For now there is a great issue up at the link too, so check it out.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Real Stories Gallery

There's a new website called Real Stories Gallery dedicated to Aids awareness, and this is obviously a cause everybody who isn't desperately religious and stupid must support. They have posted a page there related to me since the point of the dialogue isn't exclusively Aids-related poetry, which I don't write, but generally social and sexual relations, even how the human perceives her world.

Anyway, the site contains awesome work in the poetry and prose link by people like Bernedette Muthein, Dom Gabrielli, Carolyn Srygley-Moore, Peycho Kanev, Tim Barrus, Aad de Gids etc, and now a page with my stuff too. Mine is here.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mung Being 34

The best and coolest of zines is up again with a new issue, Mung Being. Details of my stuff, including five new poems in this issue, here.

Masxwell Baumbach - Suburban Rhythm reviewed

Suburban Rhythm
Maxwell Baumbach
chapbook review

This is a brief review to draw the reader's attention to a new e-chapbook by poet Maxwell Baumbach that is available at the website.

Baumbach's work is refreshing since he has a very sharp eye for how he himself, other people, and the social confusion that is modern life, work. He writes precisely and accurately, with a modern understatement tinged with regret

if people
love you
is wonderful


if people
hate you
is even better


if people
nothing you
is when you are without purpose

He knows how relationships are and how they leave us fulfilled and unfulfilled, and why, and, as an honest man, can't offer a way out.

the people
I know
are flawed
that politician
on TV
a nice guy

The title says it all, it's about the suburban middle-class mediocre life on offer to us all, everywhere. Excellent work and free to read too, at the link above, check it out.

there are
jungle gyms
drenched in lighter fluid
next to
swimming pools of fire
thumbtack covered
monkey bars
attached to
razor blade slides
stove-top tire swings
above shark infested waters

this is one
beautiful playground
we have given our children

Friday, October 1, 2010

Howls & Pushycats

One by me in 1st issue of Howls and Pushycats which can be downloaded for free at the link. Seems to be a very good issue.