Wednesday, March 23, 2011

another book update

Another update on books: as I have repeatedly rambled on about, Heavy Hands Ink have published a chapbook by me, puppies and monks and medieval memories on the 11th March this year. This is available as a free download as well as a paper book from Lulu by the simple expedient of clicking on this sentence. There are a couple of really generous reviews already, and both of these are linked over to the right. I'm pretty pleased by this book, and hope you buy the thing, but if you are poor then by all means grab the free version and don't bother to use money that you might need for nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, drugs and whatever else people like to buy.

According to some people, probably the best book available by me is Cadaver's dance. It's available at Amazon and there is a review up at Amazon by Barbara Moore, also a review by Rachel Kendall at Sein und Werden here. Most who have read more than one of the books available prefer this one.

There's also pushing lemmings at Erbacce, full length number two and also pretty good. See the reviews linked to the right. Nobody, as far as I know, considers this the best of mine, not even me. Maybe nobody read it yet. You can be the first!

The third one is laughing at funerals which is available from epic rites press. There will be a new distributor for that soon but now it's $20 including postage to the USA and Canada, $25.50 to Europe. There are also reviews of that linked to the right; it's pretty good too and some people think that this is the best available of my books.

There are other chapbooks linked to the right as well. It looks like the Pinhead-inspired chapbook Hellbound is still available at epic rites too. Go for it.