Monday, March 14, 2011

Journal of Heroin Love Songs

This is a reminder that Jack Henry's marvelous Journal of Heroin Love Songs is revitalized and running again, and that guidelines are posted here. Do submit to HLS so there will be some company for the five poems by me coming in the next issue. Apart from me I'm pretty sure that the great Puma Perl will be there, and probably Jack under an unimaginative pseudonym.

Don't forget to get Jack's book crunked in May 2011. And it's always possible to get yourself a copy of Puma Perl's Knuckle Tattoos, which you can get now at the Amazon link or at Erbacce.

I reviewed Puma somewhere before and I've read both hers and crunked to unofficially edit and nicen up the spelling etc. These are both marvelous books. Buying these is almost as morally praiseworthy as buying mine.