Friday, April 1, 2011

The Single Hound

The Single Hound - which is the name of an Emily Dickinson poem, as you will probably know - is a very good literary journal who are kind enough to feature three by me in their international section.

Great news and a much-needed consolation, since Moxie is in full estrus and Lucas is behaving like a total dildo, and it's my birthday too. Being so international, I feel like chasing him with an ax the way the famous "Swedish" guy on the Muppets used to chase the chicken, but I won't.

Download my new chapbook for free if you like, but obviously it's even cooler if you order it in a paper copy for ten bucks here.

Some day soon the canine reproductive cycle will let me sleep again. And soon the ice will be gone so we can use the boat again, but there's still around a foot of the stuff on Mälaren to wet my feet every time I cross it.