Saturday, May 21, 2011

of zines and hard disks

Pleased this week to have received two different mags in the post.

First came Perhaps I Am Wrong About The World (something I have never been) with a really awesome issue crammed full of great poetry etc.

Then I received Bacopa, the annual publication of The Writers Alliance of Gainsville with a very professional and well put together volume. Bacopa, by the way, is the water hyssop, which is a plant.

On another note. Hitachi's current hard disks suck monkey balls. Seagate Barracuda, however, are marvelous disks. Sometimes I open the computer just to pat them and tell them how much I love them. I have three Seagates and one old Hitachi, from when Hitachi were good. Actually I have a fourth 2TB Barracuda but haven't bothered to put it in the box yet.

And if you're stupid enough to buy Western Digital disks, then I'm ashamed that you are reading this blog.