Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gutter Eloquence

Pleased to have a poem in Gutter Eloquence XX. GEM is edited by Jack T Marlowe and always kicks ass, lots of great work there, mine is here.

Bone Orchard Poetry

Pleased to have two new up in Bone Orchard Poetry, which is Michael Mc Aloran's marvelous new experimental blogzine.

There are also great writes by Gillian Prew directly before mine

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New press release

More important than any election is the fact that epic rites press have a new press release for laughing at funerals which is soon due for a new printing. The blog at epic rites is linked here and the pdf itself with my perverse introduction to the book can be downloaded direct here.

A huge thanks to Wolfgang Carstens for his indefatigable work putting this together so well and promoting in a way that should make other publishers ashamed of their laziness.

Apologies to the few philosophers, and to Bodhidharma, all of whose corpses I violated in the text itself.