Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gutter Eloquence 26

Thanks to the great Jack T Marlowe two poems by me will be appearing in his awesome zine Gutter Eloquence when it comes out, a quarterly nowadays, in April. I have many poems there already in various issues, they can be found among the links in the panel to the right.

And now for something completely different. You know what I love? People who complain about grammar among the young people who use the Internet's many blog sites and social media nowadays. I love it when the complaints of these people are a skein of solecisms, inappropriately used "long words", and arrogant vulgarity. There is a site that affects to defend the correct use of English, a site which strokes the egos of these half-educated untalented redbrick prigs - the entertaining thing is that I have once or twice noted that this site itself uses bad English. Way to go, peasants.

To return to the topic of this entry, the great Gutter Eloquence defends the awesomeness of the English language, check it out