Thursday, April 11, 2013

hellbound at Tree Killer Ink

Pinhead will kill anything. So he won't give a flying fuck that hellbound is on sale from Tree Killer Ink. Here it is, though, pace Pinhead. Lots of other great books from Epic Rites Press there too.

Waiting with great excitement for the release of Lords Of Salem. Rob Zombie's new album Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor is hugely good. 

Huge cred to the defunct Chumbawamba for swift release of an EP about the even more defunct bitch goddess Thatcher. Disgusting to hear and see fools praising the slime - particularly the strange statements by Obama.

There's a ghastly corpse who clings to the side of this building. He is animated by some sick and deranged parody of life. Sometimes I see his foul eyes staring in at me, burning with the evil insanity of the pit. "You alright, mate?" he asks. "Yeah, I'm alright" I say. The dead have become much more sociable since Romero's earliest work.