Thursday, May 9, 2013

new book at last

I have not been thinking too much about books since laughing at funerals from epic rites press. But Michael Mc Aloran is the new poetry editor at Oneiros Books, who share Paraphilia Magazine's website, and he suggested a sort of selected poems with much new work entitled "nobody wants to go to heaven but everybody wants to die" - this is underproduction at present through the good offices of Mick and of Dave Mitchell, who runs Oneiros books. Here is there Facebook page.

It will be round 130/40 pages long and is due in June. Roughly then they have a great collection coming form the talented Craig Podmore, and they have awesome titles out already so i am hugely pleased about this. Michale Mc Aloran is letting me use one of his paintings as cover art and has checked through my selection of poems, that I think constitutes the definitive collection from me, thus far.

There's also a chapbook due from Grey Book Press and a first novel from Unlikely Books in 2014. Busy fucker, aren't I?