Friday, August 9, 2013

a sun rises, another sun sets

Why is it so easy for people to assume that there is some point behind the sun going up, some reason that it rises? Why do they seek a meaning that life is supposed to have? I think that it was Quine who said that this is a category mistake. Life is not the sort of thing that has a meaning, sentences have meanings. If everything is a text, then everything has a meaning, but all Derrida ever said was that there is nothing outside the text.

Generally speaking, the best reaction to the pointlessness of everything is drugs and alcohol, but i can recommend this book too

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Larkin, in his Aubade, describes it best, it's the disgusting awareness of nothingness. Steiner says that the problem is that language can construct statements in the future tense that seem to refer and mean. "I, after my death, will ...." can only refer to my body, not me. The future is when the first person pronoun stops working.

Until then, "Postmen like doctors go from house to house." What's so terrible about that? Worry about things ending at three a.m., with my book. Mick Mc Aloran says that it "has the capacity to make you feel empowered in the face of the Nothing that is, and you will thank (me) for it"

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The answer is presumably something like the atheist Satan, in something like Anton LaVey's sense - bodies and animals, an acceptance of the carnal self.