Thursday, July 25, 2013

a review by Barton D. Smock

Both the royal baby and my good self are highly gratified by a most hugely awesome review of my latest book by the great writer Barton D Smock. 

The review is at this link

And here the substance:

nobody wants to go to heaven…but everybody wants to die
poems, 1994-2013, David McLean
Oneiros Books, 2013

review by Barton Smock

“I snorted a line of memory today
 for us, oblivion” 

- from McLean’s a line

The poet David McLean strikes me as an aggressor.  One whose power is to shrink himself when one is looking upward.  While one yells at God, McLean whispers a speck of dust into a dog’s water bowl and waits for the silence of God.  I’ve used the words in this book often, and any story my narrator leaps from may begin and end as such:

I am the wise child, undead, undead not being living’s oppositional twin.  I am tasked with being the local boy David when soul has assigned to me Goliath.  Or, I am the sleeping God to my soul’s restless Freddy.

But as my narrator may have been invented merely to know how he or she might suicide themselves, McLean is adept at being presently destined, as he writes in day of Laodicians (for Jack Kerouac):

     her prissy purse a coffin’s tender weight

or in street song for Edith Sitwell:

     , the bone
      that hungers not for lithesome peace

      but to feel the meat fall piecemeal
      as it writhes to nothingness again;

In these works, history means and was meant to be itself.  But McLean allows it more dignity than being merely predisposed, as in it is dark now:

       it is dark now
       and history is a glorious intended
       absence, meaning hiding her night
       in a lucky bushel;

I am enamored of the intended McLean employs liberally, of the work this work does to shape itself not into a path toward beauty but into perhaps a dead rabbit beneath a grotesque tree set long ago beside said path; subtitle to the ugliness we mistake for adornment when in fact it is the untouchable reflection we are unable to necklace. 

As a crime scene must endure such indignities as yellow police tape, the poem must suffer inside the man aiming his bullhorn at a graffiti covered wall.  It is possible David McLean is not the right man for the job.  It is possible a worse world exists.  It is possible this world is haunted by a failed one.  Take this opening from in harbor (after ’In Harbor’, WCW):

      the ships mutter to one another and their silent voices
      are like the sea, but it is not of the sea they speak,
      memory means nothing to these dreamy leviathans

We are here now, peopled with absence.  McLean knows this, and for it offers the invisible poetry of David McLean.       

nobody wants to go to heaven…but everybody wants to die
poems, 1994-2013
, David McLean
Oneiros Books, 2013

available for purchase here:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Randomly Accessed Poetics

Pleased to say that Randomly Accessed Poetics 3 is out, including work by me. Here is a link to issues at Amazon.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Unlikely Stories

Pleased to say that three by me are due in the next issue of Unlikely Stories.

Unlikely Stories also runs Unlikely Books, and next year my first novel is due from them, edited by Michelle Greenblatt, Henrietta remembers.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

shouting at ghosts

Happy to say that Scott Sweeney over at Grey Book Press tells me that my chapbook shouting at ghosts is coming rather soon. I will have copies myself but can already warn people that postage from Sweden to the states/UK is rather steep. But you get a rare example of my signature, my famous "X - his mark"

They already have plenty of quality poetry on sale here at their sales page.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

nobody wants to go to heaven

Here are details of my fourth full length poetry book, a 144 page collection from Oneiros Books. It contains selected poems 1994 to 2013 and the overwhelming majority are relatively new. It's called nobody wants to go to heaven but everybody wants to die.

It is also available on Amazon at this link and is slightly cheaper there. Reviews are forthcoming, apparently.There is a already an awesome review by Aad de Gids for those of you who can see it where it is posted on Facebook here.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bone Orchard Poetry

Here are the poems promised at Bone Orchard Poetry. Huge thanks to all involved.


One poem by me will be held for a future issue of 1/25. Always fun to be in print zines.

Speaking of print, while you are waiting you can buy a copy or three of nobody wants to go to heaven but everybody wants to die. And here it is at Amazon as well, probably cheaper.

Mung Being 51

Very pleased to have just been told that five by me will be in the Travel themed issue of Mung Being, issue 51. Here is a link to older things by me posted there.

It is not so oppressive a summer day today, but hell to do laundry, especially as the tumble drier isn't working. It's not sunny but it's still too warm, though.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bone Orchard Poetry

Pleased to say that Bone Orchard Poetry is re-opened, this time under the managerial eye of noted fellow deviant Craig Podmore. There will be poems by me posted there tomorrow, but until then here is a link to my old stuff at that site.