Wednesday, April 2, 2014

the children without guns

Pleased to note that this new chapbook by me is out at Bone Orchard Press. It's linked there and called the children without guns. I'm rather pleased with this collection and think you should buy it. As I say, it's perfectly OK.

It's sort of themed childhood which makes it pretty depressing, here's one poem from it:

they fell into night

they fell into night, a pit full of scars
and so few memories, a gray schoolyard
with raindrops on dusty windows
washing away nothing

because memories do not touch
and night is a recurrent childhood,
nothing to do with love

And here's another:

more than one voice

more than one voice in the loveless
skull, ghastly fat absences
and death to grease the flesh in
with memories and sex;

time to be the portentous cripple
who spells out his inadequate answers,
as if suicide were never a solution
and dwarfs might be giants

if they had been luckier in the gene's
unjust lottery. there are legions
jabbering in each one of us
so we are not exactly bored,

just a little fucked up