Friday, October 27, 2017

Haha. even Apple think the wife & I are perverts

Jennifer says that we have been longing for angry responses. Finally! a dream come true. Today we received this, long overdue: 

Notice from Apple:

Prohibited Explicit or Objectionable Content (Informational)
This book contains prohibited explicit or objectionable content, which cannot be accepted on iBooks. Prohibited explicit or objectionable content includes but is not limited to: 

1. Depiction (photo or drawing) of a child in a sexual situation, even without contact. 

2. Photographs of penetrative sex, oral/genital contact, or genitals. 

3. Textual encouragement to commit a crime (e.g. books supporting, encouraging or defending rape, pedophilia, incest, or bestiality or books detailing how to commit a sexual crime). 

4. Photographic content intended for the sole purpose of sexual arousal. 

5. Excessively objectionable or crude content.

This was about The Philosophy of Extremism. We do not feel that the book contained anything but material that was, morally speaking, in ship shop shape.

I think it was number five got us 😀

Anyway, we were accepted by Nook & Kobo.

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