Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Lost Spanking Tapes

In our researches, Jennifer Chesler & i have encountered a challenge & a terrible dilemma. OMG, there are more tapes, where are the lost tapes? Our sex life, our mental health, our age play, & our literary development depend upon these tapes, detailing the exploits of the spanking judge (the Texan one, not the fictional Italian one). we cannot express strongly enough how this material excites us, & clearly others, as shown by the missing comments section on the YouTube version of the tape that we possess.

For a full transcript of one of these tapes. please see our book The Philosophy of Extremism. At the link or at Barnes & Noble.


  1. This is groundbreaking material for anyone who likes good entertainment. But, Daddy, what happened to Mommy? The palsy girl in the video has one.

  2. No, Dad, no! Aah. Don't let mommy be dead. Aah!


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